Play Doom on Your Blackberry Playbook

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Doom is one of the greatest FPS games known to man, if not one of the greatest all around. Sure, the graphics are dated, and some of the gameplay mechanics are questionable, but it was one of the first mainstream titles ever released. Hell, Doom helped shape the world of gaming and make it what it is today.

ID software, the original developers of Doom, are still around today kicking ass and chewing bubble gum (Duke Nukem line, duh). One of their most recent titles, RAGE, was highly acclaimed on next-gen consoles. The whole game was incredible, well… except for the ending, which just downright sucked.

We digress.

Doom is now one of the most commonly ported games, mainly due to its low system requirements. Today, you can play Doom on most gaming consoles, any computer, tablets and even smartphones. Despite Doom’s aging mechanics, it is still extremely fun to play.

All of this talk about Doom has made us want to play. What if we told you there was a way to play Doom on your Blackberry Playbook?

Well, rejoice because there is a way.

Doom GLES For Blackberry


DOOM GLES is a working port of the classic game DOOM, which has been re-developed to use OpenGLES. The entire control system has been revamped too, specifically for use on touchscreen devices.

Michael Ryssen, the developer, has also implemented several enhancements, which make the original game much more enjoyable. The enhancements include the following:

  • Higher resolutions for tablets and high end smartphones
  • Realtime dynamic lighting effects
  • Particle effect upgrades
  • 3D Monsters and objects
  • Blood projections when enemies are wounded
  • More realistic water effects

Doom Wad Files Are Not Included

The original Doom games, including Doom 1 and Doom 2 were released with compressed data files (doom.wad and doom2.wad). DoomGLES does not come bundled with those wad files, mostly because that would be illegal. The wad files, while older, are still someone’s property thus, they cannot be distributed by others freely.

Doom Plasma Gun in DoomGLES For Playbook Luckily, DoomGLES comes bundled with the Doom shareware files, or the demo version of the original Doom. This will allow you to play a small portion of the game until you can obtain the appropriate wad files.

In order to run the full Doom games on your Blackberry Playbook, you will also need to copy the relevant GLES data to your device. The necessary directories can be found on the Doom GLES Blackberry App World page (link provided below).

In the future, the developer will be adding support for networking and multiplayer, improving the overall graphics, and adding PWAD support. If you didn’t already know, a PWAD is essentially a modded data file of the classic Doom game. That inherently means you can install Doom mods so that you can improve gameplay on your device.

This is the first release of Doom GLES for the Blackberry Playbook (v 1.0), which means you should expect to see some software bugs here and there. The app will be improved over time, however, so if you do run into any issues make sure to report them to the proper sources.

DoomGLES For The Blackberry Playbook

Get Doom For Your Playbook Now

DoomGLES for the Blackberry Playbook is $1.99 in Blackberry App World. Believe it or not, this is a relatively cheaper price than usual as DoomGLES for Android is $2.14. Not only are you getting the game cheaper, but you’re also gaining access to one of the best shooters of all time – all on your Blackberry Playbook.

Remember to dig up those old Doom CDs for the right wad files though, or else you’ll be playing a whole lot of the shareware version. Trust us, it gets old fast.