RIM Enterprise Apps Poised to Beat All Odds

by Thea Neuman 248 views0

RIM, maker of the Blackberry smart phone is stirring into full alert. They are surging ahead in an attempt to protect their client base. A tour has been put underway in an attempt to woo enterprise CIO’s into switching back to the Blackberry devices. RIM pitched its new mobile device management trappings while simultaneously battling Apple’s iOS encroachment. RIM showed off their yet-to-be finished product to the CIO’s gathered at the Gartner’s symposium. RIM ended up giving the stink eye to Gartner’s research.

RIM took issue with a statement from Peter Sondergaard, Gartner’s research chief. He predicted that Apple’s iPad devices will occupy a greater slice of the corporate market. He wasn’t alone; the US Immigration and Customs department too opted for Apple devices over RIM’s Blackberry. Sondergaard’s presumption’s regarding the Blackberry’s current situation is being dismissed by RIM’s head of software portfolio, Vivek Bharwaj, as being inconsiderate. The predictions from Gartner’s don’t take into account the full story. Blackberry isn’t just any hardware vendor. Blackberry is present in different walks of a corporate ecosystem. Devices are not the end of the story.

Although highly defensive, RIM’s executives were not willing to divulge any details on when BB 10 devices were coming out. The early reactions indicate that the consumers are eagerly anticipating what Blackberry will come up with. Bharwaj creatively speculated that RIM see’s a future where the devices will be connected by means of a plug to a keyboard and docking system. But for this to be possible, first the BB 10 needs to be a major success.

Blackberry’s latest foray is into MDM (Mobile Device Management). This was not an entirely calculated and willing step. But the entry has been anything but half-hearted. RIM is rising to the occasion. The consumer demand for proper enterprise level device management services has paved the way for BB’s foray into the MDM market. Though handling majorly Blackberry’s own devices, the software will be compatible with iOS and Android as well. The enterprise market is a heterogeneous one and adapting is the need of the day. The customers though ask are on a different page entirely. Customers are looking forward to how Blackberry’s MDM services will shape up given that there are quite a few MDM startups in the market that mean business.

RIM Enterprise Apps Poised to Beat All Odds RIM is also going through a learning process as far as the user-interface and appearance go. The features though promising still need some work. Blackberry may have to re-teach the existing click keyboard users to use the touch screen interface. This is similar to what Microsoft has to do with their Windows phone. The new phone will continue to sport the core of its usual design. There was no deliberate attempt to incorporate some new look for the device. RIM continues to keep its faith in its distinctive design and hopes they will remain impressive.

The main reasons behind Blackberry’s depleting user bank have been the lack of applications, built-in and third party, and the archaic browser interface. The touch interface has always been non-existent. Blackberry 10 expects to cover all these core issues and give users an optimum mobile computing experience.