Premium App Giveaways For Indian Users

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RIM has kicked off a ‘compliments from Blackberry’ app giveaway. The giveaway which began in Canada earlier this month is now available for Indian users too. RIM is not a novice in giveaways, this time last year, RIM sparked off another app giveaway campaign apologizing for the unexpected disruption in services. RIM’s unexpected service failure left a lot of customers frustrated and Blackberry was reeling. So as an appeasement tactic, the app giveaway was planned. This sought to reward the patient customers who stuck with their BB’s during various disruptions. Today a year later, RIM’s latest giveaway routine is another treat to customers.

RIM is currently trying to appreciate its users for patiently continuing services with the Blackberry. The company which is on a supposed revival path needs to satiate its current user base of around 8 million. The new OS which is purported to be the ultimate advancement in mobility is still tightly under the wraps. RIM is playing this one very secretly. The users who might be waiting to upgrade their devices have to hold on a little longer. RIM is striving to keep these users happy by giving them a host of free premium apps while they wait for the much delayed prestige of Blackberry’s new trick.

Users in possession of Blackberry smartphones running OS 7.1 and above can download a whole host of new apps. This promotional offer runs right through December, culminating at the year’s end on December 31st. The bosses at RIM are pleased to announce something in the way of customer appeasement. The new software is set to come out on January 30th and speculations are abound that a new range of devices are poised to come out by the end of the first quarter next year. With so much activity planned for the future, Blackberry might be using this as a ploy to develop customer relations.

Premium App Giveaways For Indian Users Currently abound in USA, Canada and India, RIM hopes to launch this campaign in other countries as well. As far as marketing strategies go, this is a good one. It serves as good publicity and also generates great interest among users. This in its own is an expensive venture for RIM considering the app owners might look to forward some of the costs to RIM. But as a freemium strategy this will tend to serve as better exposure for the apps. More users will now be exposed to these apps as a result of this news. Developers were more than willing to provide their apps for this freemium deal.

Applock, Zappclock, catapult, fruit slash and other games are featuring in this list of free apps. There are also many productivity based apps, like iTunes sync, photo studio, lensboost and popup display for messenger which hold any users attention. The apps will remain free for download till December 31st post that there are speculations that users might have to start paying for the apps. Blackberry executives are yet to clarify on these issues. But judging by the market and timing of this freebie offer, RIM might keep the free stuff going till the end of the next quarter.