BlackBerry App World Gets Rebranded as BlackBerry World

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The BlackBerry ‘Get Ready to Jam’ Asia developer event was held in Thailand this week. Research In Motion (RIM) officials have made some significant announcements at the two day conference. The mobile storefront which was named as ‘BlackBerry App World’, will hereafter be called  ‘BlackBerry World’.

The rebranding is meant to indicate the enhancement in the array of applications the company has to offer, apart from the existing ones. While BlackBerry App World was offering mobile applications and games to the users, the rebranded storefront would additionally offer videos, music, and movies as well.

Further, it was confirmed at the event that the latest version, BlackBerry 10 will be launched in both the QWERTY and full-touch edition.

RIM’s officials are all getting geared up for the launching of the latest BlackBerry 10 version in countries across the globe, on the 30th of January 2013.The developers’ team is preparing for the launch as well.

tions. This has put an end to the buzz that was going around earlier that RIM did not have the idea to retain the QWERTY keyboard anymore for Blackberry 10 smartphones. The announcement RIM made about the introduction of BlackBerry Dev Alpha C to the new handset, equipped with physical keyboard, clarified this further. Dev Alpha C will be a new addition to the line of Dev Alpha A and B versions, which are in use currently.

Updates to the developer ecosystem program, inclusive of test devices for BlackBerry Dev Alpha, update to software tools for BlackBerry 10, were all announced by the company. The Vice-president of Developer Relations &  Ecosystems, Mr. Alec Saunders cited that he was excited to see the zest and zeal of the developers from different parts of the world, who are working on the final phase of the Blackberry 10 launch. He said that the BlackBerry 10 launch has offered the developers with a unique opportunity and platform for success.

RIM is relentlessly committed in updating and enhancing the developer programs. The company has been providing them with the best resources in terms of hardware for testing the applications, the data of blueprint on tools etc. RIM has encouraged the developers all along, by bestowing their confidence on the developers’ hard work and achievements.

BlackBerry App World Gets Rebranded as BlackBerry World

The forthcoming mobile operating system just recently obtained a FIPS 140-2 certification. The certification would imply that BlackBerry 10 smartphone along with the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Service would be open to government outfits, if they wished to install them.  It is indeed an added feather to the cap of RIM, as this is for the first certification granted to a Blackberry product, prior to its official launching.

It was earlier known from a handset vendor that it has collaborations with about 50 carriers for testing the devices, in order to have everything in place for the networks, before the launch. While there is a couple of months to go for the official launch, customers are equally excited on the BlackBerry 10 launch and the applications and content the new storefront has got to offer.

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