Rumor: New Blackberry Device Possibly Called The Z10?

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The Blackberry 10 rumor mill is a-churning that’s for sure. When it happens, we usually get a juicy rumor or two about RIM’s latest platform. The newest rumor has nothing to do with the platform itself or the hardware, but in fact has everything to do with the label.

For some time now we’ve been referring to the new Blackberry 10 all touch model as the L-series device. RIM has yet to announce the name of the first Blackberry 10 devices officially, leaving the Blackberry people to speculate and guess.

Unknown sources have outed the new name for the premiere Blackberry 10 model, and might I say that it’s quite charming. Previously known as the Blackberry L10, the name is apparently now the Blackberry Z10. Frankly, it sounds lovely and is befitting of the high end promises that RIM has given us all.

Blackberry 10 Device Rear Surface Teaser

What better name is there for a device that will be helping RIM make the “greatest comeback in tech history?”

Unwired View, the source for all of this information, also unveiled a promotional image that was leaked showing of the new Blackberry 10 device with its rumored “Z10” moniker.

Rumor: New Blackberry Device Possibly Called The Z10?

Sure, the image isn’t much to look at, but it’s all we have to go on right now.

More Rumors of a QWERTY Device?

If you remember correctly, I certainly do, Thorsten Heins said that RIM would not be releasing a BB10 QWERTY device right at launch. That’s of no consequence however because he said one would be made available in the months following the new platform launch.

Apparently, the same sources that released information about the Z10’s new name, also mentioned that a QWERTY keyboard device will be launching alongside it. There is no official statement that confirms this rumor however, and as I’ve clearly outlined above it’s actually quite the opposite.

I would suggest Blackberry fans not to invest all of their hope into the QWERTY rumor, especially considering we have yet to see any leaked info or images that allude to a keyboard equipped BB10 device.

That doesn’t mean we can debunk this rumor entirely because RIM may actually be saving the QWERTY unveil as an additional surprise, and we’ve certainly had many over the last few weeks.

The Z10 Name is Magical

Okay, maybe that’s a little fanboy-ish to say, but the new name is certainly much better than the old one. Hell, the new name is much better than RIM’s past, rigid and uncreative names. I mean, come on, the Torch, the Curve and the Storm?

Blackberry 10 Rear Device The Z moniker is simple, elegant and stylish. Not only does it flow nicely off the tongue, but it also makes the new Blackberry 10 device seem desirable. After waiting so long for the new Blackberry platform to roll out, there’s no other way to describe it; it truly is irresistible.

It’s hard to believe that just months ago analysts and consumers alike were questioning whether or not RIM would make it this far. Then suddenly, like the sun blaring through a cloudy sky, RIM came forward with news of the Blackberry 10 launch on January 31st.

Long story short, the Z10 seems fitting.

There’s plenty of speculation on how to pronounce the model as it can either be Zee 10, or Zed 10 depending on where you hail from. In the US, Americans pronounce the letter Z as “Zee” so I’ll stick to just “Zee 10”. It’s likely that everywhere else though, including the UK will pronounce the new device name as “Zed 10”.

It will surely be fascinating to see how the Canada based RIM pronounces the name in official tutorial and product demo videos. That is, of course if the rumors are true. Personally, I sincerely hope that they are because I like the name Z10.

What do you think?


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