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An increasing number of mobile retailers are being drawn towards refurbished handsets. Even on their websites, refurbished phones are billed as the top selling products. Have no doubts, it’s a growing trend that the users are beginning to catch up with. Every major cell phone manufacturing company out there offers a 30-day return policy on their phones. Ever wondered what happens to the phones you return to the manufacturer? Do you think they are thrown into the waste dump? Think again.

Imagine the number of cell phones manufactured and sold every day. Give a thought to the amount of phones returned by unsatisfied customers every day. Imagine the magnitude of waste if these phones are just trashed. That is the precise reason mobile companies choose to recycle such phones. Due to legal issues, these handsets cannot be re-sold as new; hence they are branded as ‘refurbished’ and released into the market. Even the handsets you receive through your mobile company’s insurance policy are most certainly refurbished handsets. Everyday Blackberry exchanges several pieces with consumers dissatisfied with minute issues such as poor packing. All these phones are brought back into the refurbished market.

Still thinking whether or not to get yourself a refurbished piece? Ponder no further, it is always a good buy. Think on how much you can save with a refurbished piece. There will be no extended contract from a provider like with a new phone. You can now switch phones without worrying about contract headaches. Even the modest approximations will tell you that it’s a whole 25% less expensive buying a refurbished phone. The Blackberry 10 is not out yet. But there is a certainty that it will come with a fancy price tag.

But most users will be more than happy to use the BB 7 OS and compatible handsets. These are more than just some handsets who have moved past their prime, these are the remnants of Blackberry’s hay-days, when this was the only possible option for a business phone. Most features that come with new phones, like e-mail, web browsing, camera, mp3 player, Bluetooth and QWERTY keyboard have been going around for a while now. Apart from this there isn’t need for much more. So if you are looking for a good BB phone that suits your pocket, then safely go for a refurbished Blackberry.

The original Blackberry and the long line of revolutionary devices sired by RIM are now available at a bargain with no strings attached. That should be meeting the requirements of any business user. Refurbished phones make a world of widespread business mobility possible. The warranty’s for refurbished phones are dissimilar to new handsets. Refurbished Blackberry Phones
Refurbished mobiles at E2Save come with a 90 day warranty with a possibility of an extended warranty for a nominal amount. Since most warranty related issues arise within 30 days, post that there should be no more problems. Additionally, using refurbished phones is also good for the environment.

Saving a good deal of money on the purchase and protecting the sanctity of the environment are more than enough reasons to invest in a refurbished mobile. Your Blackberry is now not only easy on your pocket but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Go green, Go refurbished.

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