With The Release of Blackberry 10, Does RIM Have a Shot at a Comeback?

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The once king of the smartphone industry, Research in Motion, is set to unveil its new line of Blackberry 10 devices early in the new year – their largest shot at a comeback since falling off the mobile throne a few years back. Investors are eagerly awaiting the launch, as they are hoping for an excellent reception, and helping to regain market share that they are losing at an unseen rate. Between late September and mid-December, the company’s stock had doubled, leaving many people to believe RIM could gain some serious ground quickly after the launch.

However, the fear is that the Blackberry maker will fail to catch up to other mobile phone giants such as Apple or Samsung, who have showed their strength as a competitor. Currently, the makers of iOS and Android devices are seeing an astounding boom in worldwide sales, and there is even word that Nokia is due for a comeback as well, as it is running Microsoft’s new Windows operating system. In light of this issue, Research in

With The Release of Blackberry 10, Does RIM Have a Shot at a Comeback?

Motion cleared yet another financial hurdle, showing financial results that topped Wall Street expectations, as announced on Thursday. With losses for the quarter not as bad as what some analysts were predicting, the Canadian based company also declared for the first time, that its global user base had declined.

RIM is faced with the problem of international market share, which it just does not have the cash to compete for at this time. And as other mobile platforms pickup in countries that are just beginning to see the rise of the smartphone, the makers of the Blackberry are seemingly hopeless. But with the upcoming release of the Blackberry 10 line of devices, they are sure to gain loads of publicity. They are praying that this new operating system will appeal to those who have ditched the famous devices for another competitor.

The renowned QWERTY keyboard is supposedly being switched to an all-touch version, as this is the way the industry seems to have headed. For those who have trusted and swore by their Blackberry, they will likely be pleased with the up-to-date technology introduced in the new line of phones.

The key in RIM’s success is the initial reception it receives from smartphone users. Not only must in be attractive, fast, and have the ability to complete tasks many other systems currently allow their phones to do, it must also appeal to the enterprise users. It is believed that after the release is made, business customers will be looking to make the switch back to the blackberry, because of the trust they had with the company in the past.

With The Release of Blackberry 10, Does RIM Have a Shot at a Comeback?

Not only has Research in Motion enhanced their devices, but it looks as if they have put some serious thought into what consumers are looking for. They have successfully created an app building package for developers, in an effort to increase their number of available applications. While still focused on the business side of the spectrum, Blackberry app developers are now given a greater opportunity to build games for the phones running the BB10 operating system.

This increase in apps will surely sway the decisions of many when choosing a new mobile phone. The release of the Blackberry 10 line of smartphones is surely to pick up new customers, and hopefully hold the ones they currently have. This is the greatest opportunity at a comeback RIM has seen since its fall over the course of the last two years.

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