As Gaming Apps Become More Popular, RIM Gets Developers Ready

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Research in Motion has announced that they have begun to target gaming applications as they bring in more revenue than any other category in their app store. Contrary to what many people believe, these gaming apps have started to take off as of late, proving to RIM that people are indeed interested in playing games on their Blackberry device. Not only are simple, playful games being developed, but enterprise games that are designed to help employees better understand their company’s strategies and policies are in the works now too.

Recently, Research in Motion held an event in Hyderabad which was organized to introduce game developers to porting, publicizing and monetizing apps on RIM’s new platform; Blackberry 10, which is scheduled to launch on January 30. The purpose of the event was to educate app developers on how to create specific vendor IDs, how to port, publish and monetize their apps for the new Blackberry 10 platform.

With over 28,000 app developers, RIM is confident that they can expand their app selections and introduce many more appealing games to consumers. To make things easier for developer community, the Blackberry maker has created its 10 Alpha software development kit (SDK). Launched about six months ago, RIM’s SDK was ready to use eight months before the scheduled launch – a huge feat that has never been accomplished by Research in Motion in the past. Developers now have time to create and perfect the apps that will become available simultaneously with the Blackberry 10 line of devices.

As any mobile device experts will tell you, games are the most profitable and important apps to have in any app store. Customers are naturally drawn to them as they can provide hours of enjoyment, and help kill time when one needs to. The fall of Blackberry, as seen over the last few years, could very well have been caused by rising competition with broad app stores, and an enormous availability of gaming apps. The companies, such as Apple and Google, have not only seen huge increases in popularity of their devices, but have also stated that they have over 1 million apps offered for download, and over 1 billion apps downloaded since the introduction of app stores on mobile devices.

As Gaming Apps Become More Popular, RIM Gets Developers Ready The launch of Blackberry 10 platform and its line of full touch and QWERTY keyboard devices are sure to draw interest of both enterprise and personal use. And with more and more apps being developed each day, the new platform becomes even more appealing to consumers. Most important is the availability of games for the new devices, which have stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone and the Android mobile devices. If successful advertising is implemented, the Canadian based company is more than likely to see a surge in demand for their new products upon release. But until then, the once King of the mobile device industry should continue to focus on the creation and developing of excellent user applications.

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