RIM Advertising Blackberry 10, Hoping For a Great Reception

By Thea Neuman (Google)

Research in Motion has been working hard lately, recently spending a significant amount of money to purchase advertisements in the New York Times. With Blackberry 10 line of devices, reported to launch on January 30 of 2013, it may be time for consumer and enterprise orders. Analysts are unsure of the reception new Blackberry operating system will receive, but RIM is doing everything in its power to raise the hype surrounding the unreleased product.

RIM is claiming and publicizing that its new line of devices have been “re-designed’ as well as being “re-engineered” and “re-invented.”

This is how the ads describe BB 10 devices, proceeding to focus on an improved camera and the seemingly effortless typing of messages. It will be interesting to see all of the new features Blackberry 10 will offer, and to some, even more interesting is the small mention of a better camera. As cell phones become more prominent around the world, point and shoot cameras will begin to lose market share. As reported by multiple photo-sharing websites, mobile phone is the reigning leader in picture taking, worldwide. The convenience of a camera on a cell phone is unmatched, and if RIM can launch a device that has extraordinary picture taking abilities, it is sure to draw the attention of many.

Although the New York Times did not disclose the amount that RIM paid to have ads published, advertising VP Andy Wright did mention that it was a substantial amount. And the team in charge of advertising at Research in Motion is praying that it pays off, as they expect that millions of people will see the advertisement.

Shares of RIM have soared close to 85 percent over the course of last three months, as anticipation for the new line of Blackberry devices builds. In the same time period, shares of major competitor Apple reached a highest ever price per share, at $705.07, and have since fallen significantly, trading at $519.33 in the recent past.

Clive Chajet, marketing expert, says that “RIM is just trying to promote”. And with more and more advertising from competitors, it is important that they keep images of their products in the mind of public.

RIM Advertising Blackberry 10, Hoping For a Great Reception Apart from print media, such as those found in the New York Times, RIM has also been using “advocacy software”, which is designed for key advertisers. The software has been designed for those companies who would like to increase online assistance for their new products, using creative multimedia files as well as an assortment of other tools which will presumably be witnessed by online shoppers. This strategy is important considering the rise in the popularity of online shopping, as seen on Cyber Monday of this year.

Whether RIM will increase its advertising for the Blackberry 10 products, is unknown, but most would assume that they will, just as they have in past history. However, with the loss of revenue and market share over the last few years, RIM may not have the cash to spend on such endeavors anymore.

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    Thea Neuman

    Research in Motion has been working hard lately, recently spending a significant amount of money to purchase advertisements in the New York Times. Wit
    [See the full post at: RIM Advertising Blackberry 10, Hoping for a Great Reception]



    Definitely looking forward to the new BB10. As a business person i would like to see if the new keyboard would help or hinder. I am also interested in if they will improve the new bbm voice chat since there is no skype for blackberry. If the voice chat can use the data plan along with wifi that would be a great plus! Nice post Thea.



    Blackberry is doing its effort to promote its RIM platform for its new flagship.. as the competition of mobile technology grows, each brand name must have unique ideas to came up for perfect user interface and innovation. Like other giant mobile brand, BB is also on the leap when it comes to promotional and advertising campaign through various mediums, from digital printing to billboard, from TV, Radio and internet is also dominating..

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