We Start The New Year Off Right as New Blackberry Z10 Images Surface

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Blackberry 10 images are coming out of the woodworks. Most of them show of the new L-series device, or what is now considered to be the Blackberry Z10 model. Even with so many images now available, we can’t get enough.

The attractive bezels. The brilliant and vibrant display. The minimalist design. There’s no doubt about it, the flagship BB10 device is slick, sexy and supremely stylish. Unless RIM ‘wows’ us with the surprise unveil of a beautiful QWERTY version, the Z10 will be our drug of choice.

RIM has gone to painstaking lengths to ensure the all-touch BB10 device will be incredibly accessible even without the standard QWERTY keyboard we all know and love. Advanced gesture support and the predictive touch keyboard are going to make it easy for everyone to use the device even with just one hand on the go.

RIM has been touting for quite some time now that ‘Blackberry People’ need a responsive and hyper-connected device because they’re always working. It only makes sense that the new BB10 devices will provide the kind of efficiency options that we’re all used to.

Welcome to 2013!

We’ve just crossed boundaries into the new year, and we’re also extremely close to the launch of Blackberry 10. The launch date, set for January 31st, 2012, is just 29 days away. Judging by how fast time has passed, and it seems to be whizzing by at an extreme pace, the launch will be upon us in no time.

I can’t wait, and I’m willing to bet a lot of you out there feel the same. Luckily, even more images surfaced of the new Blackberry Z10. Let me just tell you now, it’s looking sexier than ever!

Z10 Screen Close Up

Even More Blackberry Z10 Images Leaked

These images clearly show off the soon-to-be-released Z10, sitting right next to an iPad. They actually show off the size and scope of the device remarkably well.

Z10 Brilliant Display Z10 SIZE Compared to iPad Z10 Side Profile Z10 Rear Cover Z10 NOT FOR SALE

As is quite evident in the images (the name is only plastered all over them), these were provided courtesy of FOU6AN Blog.

What a Great Way to Bring in The New Year!

There’s nothing better than seeing some leaked images of the latest Blackberry models, especially on the first of the new year!

Just look at that display, is that not brilliant imagery, or what? We’ve seen some leaked images of the Z10 before, plenty to be exact, but none like this.

Why, oh why, must we wait another 29 days?!

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