What Would You Do to Get a Blackberry 10 Device Early?

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It’s true what they say, patience is a virtue. That clearly means, not everyone has patience, but even for those who do, it can be a difficult trait to preserve. It’s even more difficult when the holidays are all over, and there is less than a month left until the launch of Blackberry 10. There are just 28 days left until January 31st.

Over the years,  we’ve seen many devices and gadgets become available before the official release date. Alot lot of us are still hoping that will happen, and those who can pony up the additional funds when it does happen will certainly be happy campers.

Where Would You Get a BB10 Device Early?

Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha- Development Testing Phone Still, no one likes waiting, and there are more than a few folks out there who are willing to do anything to get their hands on a Blackberry 10 device early. Searching in the normal circles, of the underbelly of the retail market, nothing turns up- not even on eBay.

You might remember a certain BB10 Dev device that we’ve been following since it first showed up early last year. It was given away to developers free at select Blackberry events, in order to prepare developers for the upcoming BB10 OS. After all, if you’re preparing an app or new software for an unreleased device, you need something to test your work on.

The Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha devices only went to a handful of folks who were invested in the Blackberry World. They serve as working prototypes for the real thing and were unquestionably not meant to be sold to anyone in the public. The Dev Alpha devices even included warnings that said, Not for Sale, but it seems as if that alone would stop no one.

‘Not for Sale’ Dev Devices Sell for Nearly $1000

Recently, two Dev Alpha devices sold on eBay for outrageous prices, and when I say outrageous, I mean utterly ridiculous. One of the devices sold for $900 while the other sold for $999. Currently, there are two more active auctions for a Dev Alpha device, one at $800, and the other at a more reasonable $199.99.

What is the point in wasting $1000 on a prototype or developer unit? It’s not even a true clone of the BB10 devices that will be launching in less than 30 days. It’s even more silly that the eBay sale page even included a picture that proudly displayed the “Not for Sale,” tag on the bottom of the device.

Dev Alpha eBay Auction for $1000

Not to mention that as soon as Blackberry 10 arrives, the Dev units will have outrun their usefulness, at least to most. The actual Blackberry 10 devices, the same models that everyone in the public will purchase will also be available to devs. Why would they continue to use a developer unit that was meant for pre-release of the BB10 OS. It’s likely that RIM won’t support the Dev Alpha devices much longer after launch because of it.

I guess if you were looking for something like a collector’s edition device to put on display, then the Dev Alpha devices might not be so bad. However, justifying the nearly $1000 cost is difficult. Blackberry 10 devices won’t even be half that amount at launch, thanks to subsidized pricing.

What Would You Do for a Blackberry 10 Device?

How much do you want a Blackberry 10 device? What lengths would you be willing to go to, in order to get one before launch? Would you consider purchasing a Dev Alpha device for almost $1000 on eBay?

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