Stunning Images Surface of the Blackberry X10 QWERTY Model

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It’s time for me to eat my hat. Previously, I clung to the idea that, at the BB10 launch, we would see no QWERTY keyboard model. This is largely due to some comments that RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins made when I was at Blackberry World 2012 last year.

It didn’t make complete sense that RIM would abandon the keyboard, which their devices are most famous for, but innovation has a way of making changes everywhere. I held on to this idea that QWERTY devices would not be released until later, and we would most likely see the all-touch device, now known as the Z10, and another similar device at launch.

I was dead wrong.

A BB10 QWERTY Model Indeed

Images have surfaced of a new BB10 device that sports a full QWERTY keyboard. Sure, we’ve skipped over the reveal of some blurrier shots, until now. These new images are unmistakably clear and revealing. There is no doubt about the fact that this new device is running the Blackberry 10 OS.

Unfortunately, the images were revealed by our friends over at N4BB, which means they had the exclusive and not us. Oh well, it happens when you’re not quite in the big leagues.

The Lovely X10 Images from N4BB

As you can see, we have two stunning images of the front of the device, rumored to be called the Blackberry X10.

Blackberry N-Series Device or 'X10' Front Blackberry N-Series Device or 'X10' Front Close-up

The final image is a rear shot that shows a clear ‘property of’ sticker. RIM obviously wants everyone to know that this is their device, and no one should be selling or leasing them yet. They might want to crack down a little harder especially if they don’t want to see their devices on eBay before launch.

Blackberry N-Series or 'X10' Rear

It doesn’t look much different from the common Blackberry 7 models. Then again, RIM’s core problem was never in the design of their devices but rather in their inability to innovate via software. Sure, some folks will always shy away from the classic Blackberry style, but luckily the X10 won’t be the only model offered at launch.

We’ll also be able to choose the all-touch Z10 model which looks downright sexy.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the X10, especially after seeing these new images. The QWERTY keyboard looks to be the same design as what we’re used to, with the keys on both sides (split from the middle) facing outwards for convenience.

You can also clearly see the front facing camera at the top near the internal speaker, and, of course, the rear facing camera with the matching flash on the back.

Do You Want the Z10 or the X10?

Personally, I’m a little disappointed by the size. I was hoping the screen on the QWERTY model would be larger, but it makes sense in the general scheme of things, especially considering RIM wants people to be able to use the device with one hand.

Clearly, I’ve made up my mind to go after the Z10 at launch, but what about you? Are you impressed by these new images of the X10? Are you going to get one at launch? Let us know!

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