Bell Offers Pre-Orders for Blackberry 10 and the Chance to Win 1 of 5 Devices

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Blackberry 10 device pre-orders began with Rogers of Canada, when they started a their campaign on December 17. To pre-order a device from Rogers it takes just a mere $40 down payment.

Recently, Bell followed suit and opened up pre-orders to wireless customers. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of traditional pre-order that you’re used to, but it does come with one extremely promising opportunity.

By submitting your information, you’re also entering your name in a contest to win a Blackberry 10 device.

Pre-Register for Blackberry 10 News Through Bell

Unlike with Rogers, you’re not actually pre-ordering a Blackberry 10 device through Bell. You’re submitting personal information so that Bell can notify you when new information arrives about Blackberry 10. As with most pre-orders though, you’ll be entered into a queue to win the first Blackberry 10 devices at launch. If you’re afraid they’re going to sell out right away, and that’s highly likely, you might want to submit your information as soon as possible.

Bell Blackberry 10 Preorders

In addition, those who pre-order a Blackberry 10 device through Bell will also be entered into a contest to win 1 of 5 Blackberry 10 devices that are being given away. Sure, the odds of winning are probably pretty low, but it only takes a moment to enter the information. You might as well do it, anyways.

They don’t state what devices will be given away, or what devices are up for pre-order but we’re guessing the Blackberry Z10 is the culprit here. It’s possible that the QWERTY touting X10 will be joining this party too.

Blackberry 10 Will Be in High Demand

At launch, Blackberry 10 will be in high demand by all walks of life. No, I don’t mean wild animals are going to flock to stores to pick up the latest Blackberry, I just mean people from all over will.

It’s been over a year since RIM last released a new Blackberry 10 model. They’ve been running with the Blackberry 7 OS for some time now, which has been in dire need of an upgrade. Luckily, Blackberry 10 will be the saving grace for Blackberry enthusiasts.

RIM has worked tirelessly around the clock to improve the new platform, and right from the moment you use it, you experience the painstaking attention to detail. Everything about Blackberry 10 oozes convenience and genuine quality.

Not to mention, people just love Blackberry, and this will be the latest and greatest.

BlackBerry 10 Leaked Image

You can check out some pretty amazing images of the new Blackberry Z10 in the wild here.

Other Places to Pre-Register or Pre-Order for Blackberry 10

Like I mentioned above, Rogers of Canada is already taking pre-orders for select Blackberry 10 devices through their website.

In the UK, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U are allowing customers to register online, just like Bell, for information regarding the new Blackberry platform. Unfortunately, neither of those carriers are offering prizes or incentives for signing up early.

As of today, there are just 24 days left until the launch of Blackberry 10. January 31st is closing fast, so you might want to start pre-ordering your devices right away. Don’t worry, when more carriers offer pre-orders to customers, we will let you know.

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