Blackberry 10 to Facilitate Video Calls within the BBM

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Leaked pictures of the BB 10 imply that the model will aid in video calling via BBM services.

An internal RIM slide show has portrayed several images of Blackberry 10 supporting video calls via Blackberry Messenger.

Images were displayed in the technical forum of, but admin withdrew the pictures on requests of RIM.

RIM initiated a polite response to this latest development, post disclosure of BB 10 photos. “We encourage the excitement of Blackberry fanatics, but we will announce the platform officially on 30th of January, till then there would be no comments on speculation from our side”. A caption below the leaked image signifies that ‘a user can transit to video call while chatting with a colleague and then easily share presentations or official documents for a clearer collaboration and communication- just at a slight button push’.

Such captions were depicted on all leaked images. A released image also signifies the fact that how easily a user can transfer and share images via the BBM. A very interesting feature called the Blackberry Remember was highlighted in captions below an image. Using this feature, one can organize ideas and contents and divide them into projects and trace such projects to completion. ‘Turn ideas into action’ is the relative slogan of Blackberry Remember.

Blackberry has a fear of losing their shares to Samsung and Apple. CEO of RIM, Thorston Heins confessed at earnings call on 20th of December that past months have been very innovative for RIM and brand partners were excited as well. The amalgamation of Blackberry Hub, Blackberry Flow’s navigation, convenience and speed of RIM’s Peek Gesture, the unique touch keyboard and safety of Blackberry Balance for business persons are the major features Heins discussed. He also left users in mystery while he progressed with his taunts of unveiling more exciting elements in the BB 10 at its upcoming launch ceremony.

The service revenue model is on terms of alteration by RIM, which may be applicable in Blackberry Messenger as well. Heins proudly quoted that ‘BBM itself is a rich social network, which aids not only in connecting people but richness of communication at the users’ will, and we are definitely going to be hooked onto this sort of enrichment”.

RIM is planning to format the service modulation of BlackBerry, so that some extra service revenues can be generated out of BBM. Thorston Hiens has also promised BB lovers the launch of two high tech smart phones, one with QWERTY keyboard, whereas the other without it, this month. The tech forum at has come up with images of these devices, one of which will be regarded as Z10. The leaked images do not add any extra spice to the hot bouquet of leaked information or rumors, but stated that the images are visually pleasing and can render BB fans a practical threshold of the creative rumors surrounding Blackberry 10. As far as the leaked information is concerned, Blackberry 10 will hit pockets and desks in plenty, within a quick span of its launch on 30th of Jan.

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