Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Sells for Over $2000 on eBay

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Just last week we published a story on going to considerable lengths in order to get a Blackberry 10 device prematurely. In it, we revealed that two Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha devices had been sold for nearly $1,000.

In addition to being downright dishonest, this practice is also clearly illegal. Especially considering the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha devices have been branded with a ‘Not for Sale’ label.

What is a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Device?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device was released specifically for developers. It was never sold or given away to ordinary consumers. The device is supposed to provide a tool with which developers can test their Blackberry 10 apps and software on before release.

Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha- Development Testing Phone RIM released the Dev Alpha devices in an effort to get developers ready for the launch of the new Blackberry platform, and to jumpstart app development for the OS. The idea is that by the time,  Blackberry 10 rolls around to consumers, developers will have ironed out most of the kinks and issues with their software, thus offering a truly reliable app market for new customers.

Why anyone would be willing to pay close to $1000 for an unfinished product is beyond me, but obviously it’s happening. Aside from being a collector’s item, the Dev Alpha devices won’t have much use to a normal, everyday consumer. Hopefully, these are developers snatching these things up off eBay, but I seriously doubt it.

Blackberry Dev Alpha Going for $2000 on eBay

Hot off the presses today is news that a third Dev Alpha device is being sold on the infamous eBay auction site. Perhaps the most astonishing news, is that the new device has a price well over $2,000. Since the auction is still active, the price will likely rise even higher.

Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha Device for Sale on eBay

Of course, this one is advertised as brand new and unopened, but that should change nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It seems utterly ridiculous that a device, given away free to developers, for the sole purpose of software development is being sold in excess of two grand.

A Little Over Three Weeks Left Until Blackberry 10

The official Blackberry 10 launch is January 31st. No doubt, you know that by now since we’ve only been shoving it down your throat for the past couple months, nonstop. Many carriers are even starting to open up pre-orders for the new devices.

Blackberry 10 Device Rear Surface Teaser

It seems like it would be more beneficial to wait for the real Blackberry 10, then to drop all your money on a Dev Alpha device. Although, only three of them have sold recently with such high prices, so it’s not like everyone is adopting this trend.

Recently, some extraordinarily striking images of the new all-touch Z10 were leaked, and they show off a much more attractive design than the Dev Alpha. Seriously though, look at that stuff if you have the opportunity, the images are beautiful!

Not to mention, new images leaked of the QWERTY packing X10, which itself looks pretty darn sexy too.

The point I’m trying to make here, even though I’ve made it several times before, is that patience is a virtue. We’re all waiting for Blackberry 10 to arrive, there’s no point in jumping the gun now, especially considering it’s practically right on our doorstep already.

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