RIM’s BB 10 Bet Likely to Pay Off

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A lot has been said in recent times on the plight of RIM and their flagship product, the BlackBerry. The company has been in doldrums for quite a while now. However, until recently, RIM has started to see light at the end of the tunnel.

BlackBerry has pinned a lot of hopes on BB 10 and its related devices. RIM smugly showed off a demo version of the BB10 during the recent international CES. The demo device was certainly action packed and quite enticing. The hardware part of it is still under wraps. However, they did come out with some prodigious revelations.

RIM’s Jeff Gadway showed off what’s been keeping them busy recently. The summation of what he said is as follows:

1. Firstly a factoid: The carriers ostensibly like it. BB10 is undergoing lab tests by over 150 carriers from around the globe, which implies that they will surely carry the phones along with it. An expected 200 carriers will cater to demands from customers around the world supposedly by summer this year.

2. The phone comes accompanied by an app-rich app market. Already there are close to 70,000 apps available specifically designed for BlackBerry. There is also hearsay about a new messenger which will be disclosed at launch time.

3. The concept of no physical home button in BB 10 is yesterday’s news. The BB 10 device relies on swipes and gestures for one-handed comfort.

4. BB10 allows users to maintain two personas managed by a single device. Private and public features can now be segmented and kept separate. It’s a given that your kid will no longer be misdialing to your boss.

5. The best feature though has got to be the BlackBerry hub – a natty blend of the users notifications served up in one place. A simple inverted ‘L’ shaped swipe gesture provides access to the hub. You can now take peeks at the incoming notifications and decide whether they require your attention or to continue with what you were doing without actually exiting or entering any of the apps.

6. The integration of BlackBerry hub with social networks like twitter facebook and so on, paves way for developers to integrate their apps with the hub. You can handle social media right from inside the hub.

7. The blackberry flow, as some have termed it, supposedly follows your thoughts. Precise context and complete aggregation creates an almost seamless system that submits a whole dossier of information on the person who you are scheduled to meet, without even popping open a browser.

8. RIM has a secondary device that incorporates a physical keyboard keeping in touch with its roots. But the primary device is a touch screen version with an adaptive keyboard that learns from your past typed texts and creates algorithms that predict the mostly likely words. Predicted words hover between the keys on the frets and you select your option by flicking it onto the screen.

9. The keyboard differentiates between languages. Begin your word with ‘je’ and the keyboard instinctively suggests French words. Now you can receive corrections in the language you are typing.

10. Toting an unfinished handset for now, RIM has us holding our breath for the tirade of features that are to be announced on January 30th.

The features that the BB10 promises are highly exciting and have every one on the tenterhooks anticipating the tirade of new customers it will win for RIM.

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    A lot has been said in recent times on the plight of RIM and their flagship product, the BlackBerry. The company has been in doldrums for quite a whil
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