BB 10 Browser Leaves Behind Every Desktop Browser

by Thea Neuman 265 views0 is a site which measures the level of compliance that a browser shows towards HTML5 standards. It has a testing regime that awards points to the browsers based on different aspects of compliance with HTML5. The maximum a site can get is 500. My trusty old firefox notched up a healthy 372 points. The Google chrome browser, on the other hand, went up to 448 points. Therefore, their testing regimen is for the most part fail-safe. However, RIM have taken this a step further and come up with a browser that is better than any browser.

Desktop, mobile, tablet whatever device you pitch against it, the Blackberry browser trumps them all. In terms of HTML5 compliance, the Blackberry is a clear leader notching up a record 484 points. There is not a browser in the market currently that can boast a score this high except probably for tizen. However, tizen does not really come in the same league as the Blackberry, not by a long shot.

The superior level of compliance is the primary focus of RIM concerning the progression of the latest string of Blackberry devices. Developer relations VP, Alec Saunders, ventured to admit that the browsing experience provided by the previous Blackberrys was an unsatisfactory experience. RIM wishes nothing more than to grandly reward its loyal customers who have hung on to it in spite of all these glitches.

As a result of this new level of HTML5 compliance the entire system stands to benefit. Let alone the browser, now entire applications may be developed in HTML5. This will be met with praise from developers who will now look to obtain greater benefits from technologies such as WebGL. App developers now have another tool in their app arsenal.

Challenging every browser currently on the market is no mean feat. Moreover, to do it with a product that is not yet fully finished takes some doing. Nevertheless, the guys at RIM are unperturbed by this. Their faith in their baby is such that they have no qualms bragging. Tests conducted by independent reviewers also confirm this. The Blackberry browser loads sites quicker than any other mobile browser. Sites with high-res photographs tend to throw glitches on most mobile browsers, but the Blackberry browser opens even those sites without even the hint of a problem.

RIM mounted jam sessions on a massive scale all over the world in the run up to the release. In most of these sessions the talk was directed towards app developers who might be swayed to develop native Blackberry apps. In one particular jam session in Bangkok, RIM presented demos of how HTML5 apps can have the same functionality as native apps. One particular app publicized was controlling various sections of a car over a Bluetooth connection. These apps were so cleverly written, they allow a user remote access to remotely throw open the boot and doors, and fire up the ignition to warm the engine pre-drive.

HTML5 apps are in no way inferior to native platform apps. If anything, they are fairly superior to most of them. Apps developed in HTML5 (such as the one mentioned above) will certainly take the Blackberry’s far ahead of their competition.

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