Blackberry 10 to Include a Rich Selection of Parental Controls

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Anyone that has children will be happy to know that Blackberry 10 is going to ship with a full suite of parental controls. Of course, most Blackberry users know that parental controls first showed up in the Blackberry 7 OS. While the BB7 parental controls worked pretty well, there wasn’t much in the way of added support. In Blackberry 7, for example, you could only limit the use of Twitter, SMS messaging, the internet browser and select apps. Blackberry 10, on the other hand, will provide a much more robust selection of parental control options.

With Blackberry 10, you can restrict the use of apps like internet browsers, Twitter, Facebook, BBerry App World and even the camera. The support doesn’t stop there though, you can customize parental settings for a plethora of other apps, as well. You can even adjust individual settings, before passing your phone off to a munchkin, or friend.

Of course, we only have enough information to relay our brief glimpse at the parental controls for now, so expect to hear more about it in the future.


Why Would I Want Parental Controls on a Mobile Device?

The answer to this question is fairly straightforward. Parental controls are not just used to control younger audiences and save them from seeing questionable material. They can also be used to lock down your device in the event that someone else has it.

For example, if you decide to lend your phone to a friend for a little while, you can rightfully lock down various settings and features from being used. Let’s say you don’t want the individual sending text messages to contacts in your phone book, you can prevent use of this feature.

Personally, I’m going to use parental controls to lock down the camera. I’m sick and tired of browsing through my gallery and finding crazy pics in there that were snapped by my girlfriend in my absence. She loves to fill my photo gallery with nonsense.

BB10 Parental Controls Screen 1

Disable App Installs/Uninstalls and Blackberry App World

This is a tremendously convenient feature that is now available thanks to the parental controls. I know when I allow folks to borrow or use my devices, I usually get them back with unwelcome apps or software. There’s even been times where a single app that I used regularly was missing. Sure, this may not happen to everyone, but there’s always a first for everything. With BB10, you can prevent it from ever happening, before the fact.

The parental control settings in Blackberry 10 will allow you to disable the unwanted installation, and uninstallation, of apps on your device. Furthermore, this will prevent charges from being added to your form of payment, which you’ll probably have stored through Blackberry App World. This is particularly ideal for when younger audiences are using the device in question. They have a tendency to fill tablets and smartphones up with unnecessary games and apps, and you certainly don’t want them racking up charges.

BB10 Parental Controls Screen 2

Limit Use of Social Media and Block Video/Picture Uploads

The parental controls will even let you restrict use of various social media apps. If, for instance, you don’t like a certain someone browsing your Facebook feed than you can keep them out. This works to prevent friends and family from snooping on your personal social media feeds, in addition to keeping your children away from questionable content.

BB10 Parental Controls Screen 3 Of course, the parental controls will also allow you to disable the upload of various images and videos stored on the device to social media networks. This is incredible useful in many different scenarios, especially when you have personal pictures on your device that you don’t want to make their way to the internet by accident.

Sure, most of these features just provide an additional security blanket and only apply in cases where your phone is being used by others. It stands to reason that everyone should keep track of who is using their device, and that includes managing who has access to sensitive information on said device. At the end of the day, parental controls like this are just convenient and add even more security to the system.

So there you have it, Blackberry 10 has a rich parental control system! More information will be available in the coming weeks, especially after BB10 finally launches.

Is there anyone out there who is excited by these new parental controls? Personally, I know that I will be using them, what about the rest of you?


Image Source (BB10 Parental Control Screenshots): Blackberry Empire

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