RIM Ready to Reclaim its Market Share

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Blackberry maker, Research In Motion (RIM), after an unimposing performance over the past months, is now quite enthused with the upcoming launch of its new range of Blackberry i.e. Blackberry 10. One of the models of BB 10 devices are said to be highly advanced touch screen smart phones that are being expected to transform the market share of RIM. RIM is betting high on the new range lined up for 30th January 2013 launch and they are confident about reclaiming their fortune in the market against rivals like Apple and Samsung.

Blackberry 10 ‘Ready Program’
Senior Enterprise accounts director, RIM, Bryan Lee said “The company is extremely happy with the response and involvement of the customers in the Blackberry 10 Ready Program. This program is specifically created to offer a smooth transition of the Blackberry users to Blackberry 10 devices.”

RIM is not leaving any stone unturned and has made all arrangements to assist their existing as well as prospective customers to train consumers how to use Blackberry 10 devices.

Lee also added “Over 1,600 people all across the North America have enrolled for the Blackberry 10 Ready Program and above 1000 people are currently making use of the program.”

The program mainly involves the usage of Blackberry 10 tools, information and the additional services offered by the new range of Blackberry devices.

Not only common people but also the government-backed companies and corporate houses are on the list of those who have been invited to beta test the Blackberry Enterprise Server 10 that is especially designed to run on corporate networks.

Rise in Shares
RIM, the Ontario-based mobile giant, was once a leader in the league of smart phone manufacturers. Recently, the company lost its market share to counterparts like iPhone producer Apple and other Android-based smart phone manufacturers. Even major enterprise users initially depending on the Blackberry gadgets have given up using the same.

But now with the recent acceptance of the Blackberry 10 devices by the corporate and government agencies, RIM is looking forward to a new ray of hope. For RIM, BB 10 is like a fresh breath of life which is much awaited because the company was experiencing a bad phase after the downfall of its share by 90% from the highest share price in 2008 i.e. $148.

However, over the past four months, RIM is seeing a double hike in its share prices that was estimated at $6.22 in September 2012. This increase is related to the soon-to-be launched Blackberry 10 range. RIM has confirmed that this new range would come loaded with striking features as compared to the existing Blackberry phones. Smooth, fast and loaded with a pool of applications, this new series of smart phones is sure to woo its customers.

According to Lee, leading government agencies of North America and more than 60 Fortune 500 corporations are included among the companies that are beta testing the Blackberry 10 devices. This early adoption of the devices by top notch companies has given a boost to the share price of RIM that is recently recorded at $15.03 at NASDAQ.

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