BlackBerry 10 – Countdown is On

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This month, everyone is eagerly waiting for the unveiling of RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 handset. The Canadian telecommunication giant’s new offerings in the smartphone range are expected to bring cheer to all the BlackBerry loyalists out there. Loaded with the new BlackBerry OS, there are many new features that these new BB10 handsets are expected to have.

These new handsets have got the much needed makeover from the earlier versions from RIM, and there is a lot of positive feedback from the folks who have got an early preview of this new operating system. If the rumors are to be believed, there are two leaked handsets out there, The BlackBerry Z10 known as the BlackBerry Lisbon & the BlackBerry London which is a QWERTY device called X10. The Lisbon is a touchscreen based phone and will most probably be bundled with the T-Mobile service for the March 2013 launch. Specifications from the phone are:

i.    4.2 inch full touchscreen display
ii.    8MP camera
iii.    2GB RAM memory
iv.    NFC support

The above seem pretty decent. Also, the new OS will have many integrated social media features as this integration is one of the key features of this OS. The new BB10 will also boast of Instagram style image filtering features which allow you to do a lot of in-depth changes and modifications.

Amazing Mobile Browser
Designers who were able to review the new BB OS loved the mobile browser that it has to offer. Some even termed it to be better than a web browser on a regular PC. RIM’s VP for developer operations claims that this new OS is more standard-compliant to the new HTML5 than any other mobile device available today and this includes those in tablet computers! This has been proved by testing the browser’s functionality by the popular HTML testing website, While the maximum score is 500, BlackBerry 10 scores a massive 484! The only browser beating this score is Tizen which critics say does not need to even be considered here.

While the world has seen development in leaps and bounds as far as Google’s Android OS and iOS are concerned, RIM’s earlier BlackBerry devices were often the subject of ridicule owing to the pathetic web-browsing experience it offered. This was one of the main reasons why the development team has focused and worked hard to get this high level of HTML5 compliance for the new BB 10 OS.

The BlackBerry Hub
This is a first for the BlackBerry handsets. With the BlackBerry Hub, one will be able to get all their notifications, live feeds, text and other messages as well as the calendar events in one place, which is the hub. This feature will remain active irrespective of what the user is doing with the device. Also, the user can peek into the BB Hub at any given time with the help of a simple gesture.

Software Licensing
The company CEO also said that they have contemplated licensing the Blackberry 10 OS in the near future and make it available for other handset developers. However, as of now the software will be first released on or around the 30th January 2013 on their own handsets.

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