The “Splat” Is Now the “Spark” – Action Now Has Its Own Symbol

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RIM seems to be all about loyalty these days. Blackberry 10, set to release any day now, is going to be the moment the fans have been frantically awaiting. Despite plunging sales and security concerns the loyal Blackberry users have hung on to their beloved BB devices. Blackberry intends to reward these loyalists and is planning excellent packages keeping the existing customers in mind. What is even more heartening is seeing Blackberry adapting their products to suit the subscriber interest.

Recently, an online poll was conducted to assign a new name to the asterisk symbol that has been associated with its product for a while. The red circle has recently been the centre of the new “Action starts here” advertising campaign. Internally at RIM, the symbol had a unique name assigned, the Splat (the symbol originally looked akin to a red tomato thrown at the wall). For all purposes this was fondly called the “Splat”. “Splat” logo had always been a noticeable graphic in all the BB operating systems over the years. The main purpose of the “Splat” was that it was a prompt to the user letting him know of available updates.

The latest campaign meant that the symbol was more prominently featured in the Blackberry ad campaign. And the popular opinion among the loyal fans was that “Splat” was not something they could live with. The symbol needed a fresh identity, a more inspiring name. Some tech addicts came up with a few unique suggestions.
The top five names were made the contenders in an online poll where users got to vote for their choice regarding the name. The votes poured in, and “Spark” was a clear winner. Instantly the users sensed there was a clear winner. The users decided to call the red-circled guy “Spark” themselves. The name really produced great friction and just crawled its way right to the upper management. Up the chain too, the name was a great hit. And Blackberry decided to call the little guy Blackberry Spark as well. The “Splat” turned to “Spark” officially.

The officials over at RIM seem to have had a look at the discussion raging on in the blog-posts and internally raised this issue among their employees. All the employees seemed to like the idea of the “Spark”. The days of the “Splat” are over, the days of the “Spark”. Special note needs to be made for ‘black.rhino’ the user who initially suggested the name of “Spark”. The most encouraging thing about this re-naming is that Blackberry is open to suggestion from its customers.

Toronto was all “sparked” up while the word “Spark” was being spread. “Spark” was decorated on the walls, on the road, on the homes, wherever they could find some room. The “Spark” is the new centre of BB action for RIM. The “Spark” will be always assisting the user reminding of the great updates that lie in store. The action has truly begun with the Spark.

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