BB 10 Browser Smokes the Rest

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Seasoned business players will let you know that acquiring a start-up is always a very risky move. Small start-ups are always an unknown quantity and there’s every chance it will blow up in their face. But RIM acquiring torch mobile roughly three years ago was a great gamble that looks set to pay off richly now. We have seen the Blackberry browser in its growing phase since the launch of the 9800 torch. This was the first we heard of the WebKit browser having done away with the rusty WAP browser. Multiple efforts and improvements later, the team from Torch mobile came up with the BB7 mobile browser. This was a quantum leap forward in mobile browsing.

Coming to the present scenario, Blackberry is all set to launch Blackberry OS 10 with their own device (Dev Alpha). Set for a January 30th launch, the BB10 is currently grabbing all the media-space. The BB10 boasts of a highly HTML5 compliant browser they say will ‘Smoke’ their opposition and leave them trailing in the dust. Tablet, mobile and desktop browser there isn’t anything in the market that can beat the Blackberry’s browser.

Already extolled as a very worthy contender on various occasions, the BB10 is looking to challenge the mighty iPhone for the high throne. Simultaneously, the BlackBerry10 also looks to hamper any momentum the windows phone might be gaining to the 3rd position with respect to mobile operating systems. Independent testers simultaneously pitted the Blackberry10-running dev alphaB Smartphone against an iPhone running the latest 6.01 OS and a HTC windows Phone.

RIM’s Webkit-based mobile browser was very impressive with its speed. It is worth a mention that this phone is not even the finished version; this was just a developer kit. The two comparisons are as given underneath:

1.    BB10 browser Vs iPhone 5

  • Handset size: The BB10 handset at 4.3” is slightly larger than the iPhone which is just 4”.
  • Turning on the device: The iPhone is activated by a button press followed by a slide gesture. The BB10 device requires no button press and is simply turned on by hand gestures.
  • The look: iPhone and BB10 both have a grid of icons, but the BB has an action screen similar to androids widgets which the iPhone obviously doesn’t have.
  • The Browser test: Both the phones were fed with the same website to determine which one loads faster. Unsurprisingly and very much as predicted, the BB device loaded the entire site, pic and all, while the iPhone was waiting for the loading to finish.

2.    BB10 Vs HTC Windows Phone

  • Handset size: both the phones have almost similar device size.
  • Turning on the device: The BB device is gesture activated but the windows phone needs the lock button to be initially pressed and then comes the swipe gesture.
  • The look: The looks department is very similar for both of them. BB and the windows phone both have their own implementation of the widgets like in android. BB has the action screen and Windows has the live tiles.
  • The browser test: As predicted the BB10 managed to load the chosen website at least 2 seconds before the windows phone. Just as an additional verification loading a content-heavy site was attempted. The BB browser beat the windows phone by a long shot.

There is no doubt that the BB10 browser is here to challenge every other known browser in the market. Tablet, mobile or desktop beware none of your browsers will be good enough anymore.

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    Seasoned business players will let you know that acquiring a start-up is always a very risky move. Small start-ups are always an unknown quantity and
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