Rogers Caters to Canadian Tourists and Loosens Device Unlock Policies

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People in the States aren’t too happy that before long, it will be illegal to unlock your phones without first getting permission from your mobile carrier. The real issue people have, is that companies have no right telling you what to do with a device that you’ve paid hard earned money for. This issue will always exist somewhere, and we see it evident in more markets than just the mobile industry.

The gaming industry sees the same problems, especially concerning the tampering or modding of different home entertainment consoles. Microsoft is well known for banning Xbox Live accounts when there is evidence of hardware or software tampering. Hell, there are times where Microsoft has banned folks without solid evidence or proof.

Thus is the nature of the world. If a company doesn’t like you doing something in particular with their products, then they will find a way to hinder your efforts.

In the case of the mobile industry, carriers are working against you to make sure you can’t unlock your gadget and use it with other networks. If you ask me, it’s ridiculous. Obviously the courts disagree.

Unlocking a Rogers Device

Even though, things seem to be going backwards here in the States, that’s not the case everywhere else in the world. In Canada, for example, things seem to be moving forward. Rogers just announced that starting in March, you are entitled to unlock your mobile device after being with them for 90 days. This is a far cry from their previous practice, which required you to complete your contract term before being eligible.

If you purchase your new device at full price (without any subsidized prices or discounts), you are eligible to unlock it immediately.

In addition, Rogers will unlock your device for you, but it’s going to cost $50. Of course, if you know your ins and outs when it comes to mobile devices that price is probably pretty high. If you’re just a casual mobile user, and don’t know how to unlock your device, then the cost isn’t so terrible. It’s all a matter of perspective. Nevertheless, just be aware that there are other options out there if you decide to unlock your device.

I’d imagine if you live in a country where the Z10 isn’t available yet, importing one is a promising alternative. In that case, you’ll need to unlock your device. I don’t recommend doing this, however.

Rogers Announces a New U.S. Based Feature Plan (for Visiting)

Changing the subject here, it can also be a pain for Canadians planning a trip to the States. Everyone knows that no matter what country you’re traveling to, costs can get out of hand when using a mobile device away from home.

Rogers Wireless Roaming in the U.S.

Rogers just announced a new daily roaming plan that offers a decent range of options for Canadians visiting the US. For $7.99, you get 50MB of data for a total of 24 hours. Obviously if, you’re visiting for more than one day, it’s going to cost $7.99 per day.

There are a bunch of other options out there when traveling inside the US, as far as mobile service. At least consumers can stay with their mobile carrier of choice in this case, which is Rogers. The key ingredient here is convenience, and the recent addition of this daily roaming plan is certainly convenient.

How Do You Feel About Device Unlocks?

What’s your opinion on unlocking mobile devices for use with other carriers? Have you ever needed an unlocked device before? Are you planning on unlocking your new Blackberry Z10?

If you live in the States, feel free to share your thoughts on the new policies preventing device unlocks without proper authorization.

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