Manage Wi-Fi Networks on Your BB 10

By Thea Neuman (Google)

On a BlackBerry, a Wi-Fi can be really helpful. It helps you browse features and perform functions free of cost. If you work in a workplace which gives you free Wi-Fi access, you can save hundreds of dollars. It saves money which you would have otherwise spent on a costly data plan. The smart BB 10 automatically checks if it can access Wi-Fi connections on your phone. If not, then it proceeds to using your mobile network. But for this, you will have to keep your Wi-Fi on. However, this makes your battery drain faster. Many people are having problems understanding the Wi-Fi on the BB 10 devices. Here is a guide on how to operate Wi-Fi on your new BlackBerry 10.

Initiating a Connection

1.    Open the home screen. Here, swipe down the bar on the top and select Wi-Fi.
2.    If it is turned Off, tap on it and change it to On.
3.    A list of networks will appear. You can select the network you want to work on.
4.    Now, a network may or may not use WPS (Wireless Fidelity Protected Setup). If it does use WPS, select the ‘Press WPS
Button’ option or the ‘Enter PIN’ option. However, if you still cannot figure out what to do, get in touch with the person managing your network. You can also take a look at the user guide provided along with the router. If you cannot access the router or are not using   WPS, then select ‘Do not use WPS’.
5.    If the system asks for it, enter the requisite username. You may also have a password for the network. After entering the data, click on ‘Connect’.

Adding a Network Manually

You may be using a network which is hidden. In such a case, follow these instructions:
1.    Open the home screen. Swipe down the bar on top.
2.    Select ‘Wi-Fi’ and then tap on ‘Add’.
3.    Fill out the SSID field with the network’s name.
4.    Fill out the security specifications and other information regarding the network.
5.    After you have entered all the requisite data, click on ‘Connect’.

Making Alterations to Existing Network Settings

You may want to change a few settings for existing networks. Or you may want to delete a network altogether. You can do all this by following these simple steps:

1.    Again open home screen and swipe down the bar on top.
2.    Select Wi-Fi. Make sure it is On.
3.    Click on the ‘Saved’ option in the menu. You will get a list of networks.
4.    Here, you can click on ‘Edit’ and edit the network settings or make any other changes. After making the changes, click on ‘Back’.
5.    If you wish to delete the selected network, just hide your keyboard and select ‘Delete’.

NOTE: You can hide your keyboard by swiping it down with two fingers. Alternatively, you can also press the spacebar for a couple of seconds.

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    On a BlackBerry, a Wi-Fi can be really helpful. It helps you browse features and perform functions free of cost. If you work in a workplace which give
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