The Real iPhone Killer – Z10

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Jim Balsillie selling his stake has hit the BlackBerry stocks a bit. But their current flagship product seems to be doing a good job. If one compares the BlackBerry Z10 with iPhone 5, there is a lot to discuss about. The Z10 has been giving tough competition to the already dwindling market of iPhone 5.

The market is flooded with product launches every week. Rumor has it that HTC plans to launch the HTC One soon. Android devices were at the top in 2012. But that may change with other OS platforms looking to attract customers with more advanced features. The BlackBerry Z10 is certainly going to be a product to watch out for in 2013. BlackBerry followers are already happy that they now have a phone which is a class apart in itself.

There were great expectations from BlackBerry before the launch of Z10. And it has made good ground by launching such a product. The BlackBerry OS used to be the favorite of majority of smart phone users at one time. This was because it had always focused on business clients. And that is why high end users were eagerly waiting for the Z10. It may provide a perfect and even better alternative to iPhone 5 since BB 10 is trendy yet highly useful for business.

There is a kind of socially accepted status associated with both iPhone and BlackBerry and I have tried to compare both of these flagship models. At first glance, one is simply awed by the smooth processing of Z10. The speech recognition features, browser speed, and the multitasking abilities are one notch higher than iPhone 5. This means there is smoother transition between apps. It is nearly seamless.

Few of the features that set the Z10 apart from iPhone 5 are:

– Connectivity through HDMI as well as USB
– 1.5 GHz dual core processor
– An 8MP powerful camera
– Voice recognition and functionality software that matches, if not exceeds, Siri’s performance

It is not only the tech-specs which appeal more to a user. A layman would prefer other simple yet attractive features. The BlackBerry scores here as well:

– Larger screen size (4.2 inches) of Z10
– The power button’s easy accessibility at the top gives extra points to Z10.
– The HDMI and USB ports of Z10 are at a more convenient left-hand side. However, the 3.5mm headphone jack of iPhone is at the bottom of the device. This makes it more cumbersome to handle.
– The Z10 feels nice in hands because of the easily accessible volume buttons as well.

All these features are an answer to those who doubt BlackBerry’s capabilities. The Z10 is a product designed with finesse. It has the technological advancements ahead of its time. It combines the powerful functionality of business apps along with seamlessly designed lifestyle apps. The smart phone is surely a winner and hopes are that it will be able to break the monopoly of iOS and Android. If BlackBerry decides to license out its OS in the market, it will help the company penetrate deeper into the telecom goldmine.

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    Jim Balsillie selling his stake has hit the BlackBerry stocks a bit. But their current flagship product seems to be doing a good job. If one compares
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