Time-Shifting Feature – Z10 Beats Galaxy Note 2

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BlackBerry Z10 includes a great new feature which is getting many positive reviews these days. The “time shifting” camera in Z10 is a revolutionary technology. It lets you select a person’s best face in the picture. With this time-shifting feature, different pictures are clicked a few seconds before or after the actual picture. The remaining portion of the picture stays the same. It helps to improve the picture at the end.

Galaxy Note 2 by Samsung already has this feature. Apart from that a few other devices running on Jelly Bean also have this feature. But the special thing about Z10 is its speed. The BB10 software and the super fast processor aid in the time-shifting feature.

Since both these flagship devices have this feature, I decided to do a test on my own. I have based the results on four parameters – number of faces detected, flexibility given to the photographer, quality of editing, and the final picture.

Number Of Detected Faces
The Z10 detected and showed six of the twelve faces in the frame. The Note 2, on the other hand, detected eight of the 12 faces. Close enough, but still, Note 2 is better in detecting the faces.

Number Of Pictures Offered
The Z10 has a wheel which appears while using this feature. One can select the best picture from a number of options. However, the Note 2 lags in this. It only offers up to five best pictures just before and after the picture has been clicked.

In some cases, it offers a couple of pictures for one person in the frame while five pictures for another person in the same frame. However, in the Samsung device, best face is automatically selected out of the available ones.

Z10 won in this round.

The Z10 is far superior in this category. There is no use having the best picture if you cannot edit it and add effects. And this is where the Note 2 lacks. The editing features are not good enough. The artifacts created from Galaxy Note 2 have distinctive lines when an image is edited. Experts say a new update would be available soon to fix this glitch.

Final Product
The final product in BlackBerry Z10 is as good as an original picture. The editing marks are not visible. The only noises are that of the normal camera noise. Otherwise, even if you zoom in, you will hardly notice any changes.

On the other hand, the Samsung Note 2 needs improvement. Although both the cell phones have an 8 MP camera, their images are poles apart. It just proves that things like the image processing, optics, software, and sensor technology also matter.

Samsung was the first one to introduce the time-shifting technology. But it is certainly not the best at it. The face detection may be a problem for Z10, but it covers up in every other area. It is the picture quality that matters in the end. And the BlackBerry Z10 scores brownie points for that!

Let us know how your experience has been with these devices.

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    BlackBerry Z10 includes a great new feature which is getting many positive reviews these days. The “time shifting” camera in Z10 is a revolutionary te
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