Dive Plan: The Divers’ App on BB 10

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SCUBA, the acronym immediately paints a picture of a diver in a wet-suit carrying tanks of breathing air. SCUBA diving is by no means easy; there is loads of work involved to attain a level of proficiency. A successful deep sea dive requires careful and meticulous planning. A word of caution however, diving is just as dangerous as it’s exciting. Now Blackberry has an app that tries to make diving safer for all involved, The Dive Plan. Diving requires specialized training and this app in no way professes to imbibe you with the required skill set to perform a deep-sea dive. But for folks who have gotten the training out of the way, The Dive Plan helps you to take an extra measure of safety.

The Dive Plan is a top quality app in the design perspective. Majorly built using the developer cascades environment, its operation is similar to an officially approved application. The Dive Plan lets you create two sets of dive plans a day, and future additional dive plans. Your first dive plan gives you a few straightforward options to work around with. Options that you may expect to find are surface interval, time, the depth of the first dive, then time and dive depth for the second dive. A simple peek reveals the second dive plan that is almost the same as the first one but with only a few changes.

You can input information regarding your previous dives. The application will assess this information and determines the ideal surface interval time, after which it is deemed safe to repeat the dive. One final peek brings out the SIT (Surface Interval Time) menu. This assesses information from previous dives to determine the ideal interval you need to take before you can delve under water again. The Dive Plan is a true built-for Blackberry application, built mostly using the cascades environment; it includes multiple features taken from share invocation frameworks.

The app gives great feedback regarding MDT, maximum dive time and the surface interval. Regular divers will also be happy to know the level of safety this app provides. The diver is encouraged to make a decompression stop almost near the surface for a few minutes post completion of every dive. Underwater pressure cannot be toyed with.

Physically speaking, SCUBA diving is an extremely taxing activity. It involves a great of bodily stress and a good deal more emotional stress as well. It is highly recommended that you plan your dives judiciously and intelligently as you don’t want to be dragged down by fatigue. The pressure under water is also a very important factor and it is imperative that your planning also takes that into account. The Dive Plan is a highly recommended companion for seasoned divers as it not only keeps logs about dives already carried out but also gives useful pointers on how to enhance dives in the future.

Download a copy of The Dive Plan app today from the Blackberry world and delve into the myriad mysteries of the deep. Available only for $3.99 for the new Blackberry Z10.

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    SCUBA, the acronym immediately paints a picture of a diver in a wet-suit carrying tanks of breathing air. SCUBA diving is by no means easy; there is l
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