UK Mental Health Trust to Acquire 1,800 Blackberry Z10 Units

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Blackberry seems to be getting a lot of love from the UK lately, hopefully it will do just as well here in the US when the Z10 launches later this month.

Last week, the German government, announced plans to purchase some 5,000 Blackberry Z10 units for employees. They’re going to be trialing the device with employees to see how the platform works out. This is fantastic news indeed.

It would appear that true Enterprise consumers are starting to jump on the Blackberry bandwagon.

Early this morning, we learned that a new UK company is following in the footsteps of the German government. Then again, it’s not actually all that surprising, seeing as we already mentioned that Blackberry is doing well in the UK.

Blackberry Z10 Smartphone in use

The Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) are going to buy and roll out 1,800 Blackberry Z10 smartphones to employees. What this essentially means is that the Blackberry brand is clearly starting to pick up traction in the enterprise sector. Many enterprise customers have opted to start using their own devices with a BYOD approach. While it’s a brilliant idea to give employees freedom to choose a personal and business device, it can also cause fragmentation in the workforce. Especially when lots of employees use iPhones or Androids, and mobile deployment needs to be done for all employees at an establishment.

Luckily, more than a thousand attendees (including enterprise customers and developers) signed up for the Blackberry Experience Forum taking place in London. At the conference, Blackberry showed off their new suite of enterprise products, solutions and services which are primarily for deploying, managing and securing corporate mobile devices. The best part is that the deployment and management software also work with alternate mobile platforms.

To the average consumer most of this information just looks like rambling. Sure, the average Joe Schmoe doesn’t genuinely care what the business sector is doing. Blackberry, however, has been deep seated in the enterprise and corporate world since the very beginning. In fact, the future of the company very much relies on a large corporate rollout of their new products, as much as it depends on a successful retail rollout.

Today, there are more than a hundred different UK organizations, both public and private, testing out the Blackberry Z10. Some of the prominent names include BT, Centric, Aviva, The Co-Operative Group, and University Hospital Birmingham. Now, we’re just adding the BSMHFT to that list, along with 1,800 more projected devices.

Blackberry Z10 Launch in Canada

What this means folks, is that Blackberry is here to stay. Forget what Wall Street is doing, and forget what all of those crazy analysts claim, most of their predictions lack solid evidence anyway. Blackberry is selling well in Canada, the UK, and we’re still waiting on sales figures for the Middle East. Soon, the Z10 will also be launching in the States, and we’re expecting to hear good news.

Remember this, the more corporate and enterprise rollouts that we hear about, means the better the future will be for the Blackberry brand.

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