Top 10 Paid Games for Blackberry

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The recently launched BlackBerry World is a veritable ocean of apps. But the App world is currently littered with hordes of weird and often useless apps. Many of them are questionable Chinese knockoffs of some popular games on other platforms.

Here is a list of the gaming apps that are currently trending high in the app world.

1. Alpha Zero

For all the fans nostalgically reflecting on simpler games like Galaga, here is a high-adrenaline action-packed shooter that takes Galaga just that one step further. Alpha zero is a space shooter with ample cut-scenes actively integrated into the game play. For just $2.99 you get to indulge in the pleasure of shooting down a horde of your alien host from your shuttle.

2. Angry Birds: Star Wars
Angry bird’s game is pretty popular all over the world. There are various versions of the Angry Birds game available but none more endearing than the Star Wars version. Get to play an angry birds Luke and Chewie and take revenge on Vader’s army of trooper-pigs. For just $0.99 this is a basic starter version of the game.

3. The Bards Tale
A mammoth 1.5GB of data to download for the game to function, this is a game unmistakably rich in both graphic and content. An imported version of the game from the Android platform, this is a truly captivating game of swords-and- humor style adventure. For $5.99 you get the 80+ tales of Bard rolled into a smooth 3D game play.

4. Fruit Blitz
The law of three’s is catching on. Fruit Blitz is Rubicon’s version of the popular match-three game format. The exploding fruit makes it all the more interesting. For only a $0.99, you get a game designed with some amount of professional sheen unlike the Android imports that currently exist.

5. Great Big War Game
This addictive game received rave reviews when it debuted on the Android and iOS platforms. The BlackBerry version is a simple port of the Android version available currently. For $2.99 this game retains most of its game play from the original Android versions and is inclusive of all its well-loved playing modes intact.

6. Sparkle
If you have played Bonsai Blast anytime, you’re sure to find this game just as exciting. Sparkles has only one single objective and that is to stop the marching line of the colored beads. Sparkles is unmistakably darker than the cheery game of Bonsai Blast. For $ 2.99 you get a great game with good graphic and music traction on your Z10.

7. Quell
A stark contrast to the previous games; Quell is a pleasant puzzle type game that is more of a leisure activity than a serious indulgence. For $0.99 you enjoy the serene music and pleasant game play for your Z10 device.

8. World of Goo
This is the highly popular game which has a Wikipedia page attempting to decipher its complex plot. This award-winning game has users all over the world building bridges out of balls of goo. Available for $4.99

9. Pix n’ Love
This is just your classic jump-and-run game presented in 5 minute sessions. You will be hard pressed to resist the rush. For $2.99 you get over 125 levels and 7 skins of jumping-and-running action,

10. N.O.V.A.3
An extremely immersive FPS sci-fi franchise for smart phones is now made available to BlackBerry users. The third installment follows Kal Yerdin’s heroic return to Earth. Share his adventures for $6.99

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    The recently launched BlackBerry World is a veritable ocean of apps. But the App world is currently littered with hordes of weird and often useless ap
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