‘Not-So Exclusive’ Blackberry Z10 Unboxing- Yes, We Got Our Hands on One!

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I finally have the Blackberry Z10 in my hands. It’s about time, right?

While everyone else has already had some time to get used to theirs, I’m just barely learning the ropes.

Still, I’ve spent most of the day playing around with it, and I’m positively stunned. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am impressed by it. The size is just about perfect for one and two handed operation. It’s painstakingly clear to me right from the beginning that Blackberry worked hard on optimizing the user experience in the Blackberry 10 OS.

It’s no secret that I write for several different media sites, including some Android fansites. My daily driver is an Android device, which actually shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In order to produce an accurate review of the Z10, it will be my daily for the next three to four weeks. I have to say, I was a little nervous about doing the switch at first, but my anxiety was for nothing. The phone is absolutely stunning.

For starters, I cannot get over how damn snappy this thing is. I mean, it’s ridiculous how well it works. No lag, no hour glassing, and so far no serious problems. The keyboard… don’t even get me started. I want this thing to stay with me forever. 

Now that my ranting is out of the way let’s get to the infamous unboxing. Instead of recording a video I chose to take pictures, all of which I will explain in full detail.

Let’s get started shall we?

Retail Packaging

First up are some sizzling shots of the retail packaging. I should mention right from the getgo that I have the Verizon Wireless variant of the Z10 for use in the US. Clearly you’ll see all the Verizon branding on the exterior of the device. There’s a small logo in the top left right above the display, and another one the bottom center of the rear cover. Also below the rear Verizon logo is the 4G LTE branding.

Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 4 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 5 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 6 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 7 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 8

The Blackberry Z10

Next up, we have shots of the actual device. I already mentioned that this thing is pretty much the perfect size. What I didn’t say is that the textured back feels incredible to touch. Over time as the plastic gets worn this might change, but for now I love it! I even found myself picking up the Z10 just to hold it in my hands, that’s how good it feels. Furthermore, when compared to my Droid Bionic, which is quite solid, the Z10 is much lighter. Yet, even though the Z10 is light, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break if you drop it.

Right, enough of my talking, let’s get to the pictures.

Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 23 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 24 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 21 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 26 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 2 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 22 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 25 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 1 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 30

As you can see from the images, there are several different ports spread throughout the exterior of the device. On the front is a front facing camera, LED indicator and various sensors. On the very top of the device are a 3.5mm audio output, a power/lock switch and a microphone. On the rear, with the back cover removed, you can see a micro SIM port, and a MicroSD expansion slot. The back houses the rear facing camera and flash unit. On the right side of the device (while facing the front display) are the volume rockers and a programmable button. On the left side of the device is an HDMI output, and the USB charging/communication port.

What’s in the Box (Accessories)?

Next we move on to showing off what’s actually included in the box. Surprisingly, the retail packaging for the Z10 is pretty minimal. I have no complaints about it though because short and sweet is always a plus.

Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 9 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 10 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 11 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 12 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 13 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 14

As you can see, there are a couple of pamphlets and business cards providing contact information and quick advice on using the device. Then, of course, you have the battery, charging adapter and USB cable. Last, but not least, is the ever popular multimedia headphones. While the headphones aren’t the most expensive pair I’ve ever seen, they aren’t bad for a stock set.

Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 16 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 17 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 18 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 19 Blackberry Z10 Unboxing 20

That’s it for now! Hopefully those pictures should be enough to hold you over until I can write up a review. Expect quite an extensive one as I plan to spend a lot of time with my Z10 over the coming weeks. If anything it will be fascinating to see how a primary Android user approaches the new Blackberry 10 platform.

Don’t worry, unlike some of those other reporters out there I’m perfectly capable of offering a fair assessment, and I pride myself on that fact.

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    I finally have the Blackberry Z10 in my hands. It’s about time, right? While everyone else has already had some time to get used to theirs, I’m just b
    [See the full post at: Exclusive Blackberry Z10 Unboxing- Yes, We Got Our Hands on One!]



    Great Review Briley, Awesome stuff!



    Thanks Colin! I’ll have a detailed review up soon, I want to spend some quality time with the Z10 before writing anything.



    Its their trademarked flagship brand, and the releases of its further versions provides even more outstanding feature.

    Olive of http://eatmywords.com/

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