Blackberry Z10 Beginner’s Guide- Getting Started with Your New Device

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No doubt, lots of Blackberry fan sites are offering unique and continuous coverage of the new Blackberry Z10. At Blackberry Rocks,  we cannot afford such luxuries as we do not have the same amount of writers and contributors. I can personally guarantee that we provide enough relevant information as possible, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m sure you noticed that I recently got my hands on a Blackberry Z10 unit. Just in case you didn’t, you can check out this post to see all the lovely photos I snapped while unboxing it for the first time.

I’m diligently working on that comprehensive review I promised but like I said before I want to spend a considerable amount of time with it so that I may draw up a respectable report of my experience. In the meantime, I can offer tidbits of my time with the device just like this.

The First Things I Did with my Blackberry Z10 (That You Should Probably Do Too)

Blackberry 10 Help App Icon Close Up

I Watched the Gesture Tutorials and Practiced Using The Device

Surprisingly, the Blackberry Z10 has a fresh experience to offer, or more specifically one that makes vigorous use of gestures and quick shortcuts. It does take some practice getting used to the techniques, and to be perfectly honest I’m still learning the ropes.

Luckily, Blackberry provided an extremely helpful and detailed support app pre-installed on the device. It offers FAQS, a getting started guide, download tricks, tips and shortcut suggestions, in-depth tutorials and even individual descriptions for all the vital elements of the operating system.

Even if, you’ve spent some time with the updated Blackberry Playbook OS, I still encourage you take a look at the tutorials and help app.

Blackberry 10 Help App

Get Familiar with the Blackberry Hub and the Flow UI

It’s actually quite shocking once you realize that you always have immediate access to the Blackberry Hub, and you can always get a peek at your inbox from anywhere. I’m quite used to putting whatever I’m doing on hold just to respond to a text message, or email.

With Blackberry 10,  it’s as easy as swiping your finger up from the bezel within any app to see your notifications, and then to the right to peek at the Hub. Once I actually got the hang of this feature, I totally fell in love with it.

Furthermore, it’s unbelievable that I don’t even have to touch the power/unlock button to wake the device. A single swipe up from the bezel turns on the display and offers up notifications and the lock screen. If I continue swiping up from there, the device will unlock, but if I swipe back down the screen turns off again. It may not seem like much, especially since I’m describing it in words, but once you experience the feature for yourself you’ll realize just how brilliant it is.

Blackberry 10 Flow UI

Set Up Your Email, Messaging, and Social Media Accounts

For Blackberry Hub to work properly, you need to set up the device to sync up all your accounts. This step is kind of a no-brainer though. Once all of, your accounts are signed into, you’ll start receiving your Blackberry Hub notifications.

The important thing to remember is that you always have access to the Blackberry Hub. As I suggested earlier, go through all the help guides and software tips and tricks, you’ll learn pretty quickly how everything works. Just as I did, you’ll even discover plenty of new things that you didn’t know existed.

Blackberry fanatic or not, there’s a lot of different stuff here. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had a Blackberry, you’ll still need to get reacquainted with the new platform.

Blackberry 10 Hub

Download Some Apps from Blackberry World

Once you’re familiar with the device, then it’s time to start downloading apps for what you want it to do. In Blackberry World,  there are a plethora of games, productivity apps, entertainment apps and more.

I’ve always said, and I still stand by this, that the Blackberry platform is lacking when it comes to apps. All the necessary apps are available though, what’s missing is what I like to call “filler”. Blackberry has done a fantastic job over the past few months enticing developers to come on board. Before long, Blackberry World will be filled with all the latest and greatest apps that were once missing.

Until then, I suggest you find alternatives.

Blackberry World

Enjoy Your New Device

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Blackberry Z10. There are some quirks and issues with the platform, but honestly they are not brazen enough to push me away. I’m willing to bet that many of you that actually give the platform a shot will fall in love.

I know the steps I’ve discussed here are fairly straightforward, but it can be overwhelming sometimes when you first start with a brand new device. Since this is a brand new platform, most of us are charting new territory.

Good luck with your new Z10 (if you have one), and enjoy!

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