Get Ready for Q10’s Mind Blowing Battery

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People have been confused over whether to buy the BlackBerry Z10 or wait for the Q10. The most noticeable difference between the two is the keyboard. For the long time BB users, having a physical keyboard seems must. The BBs have never been really successful without one. But the Z10’s virtual keyboard is definitely a perfect replacement to the physical keyboard.

It does take time to get used to the predictive text, but once you are through that phase, you will enjoy working on it even more. Sales show that nearly fifty percent of the users who bought the Z10 have shifted from other platforms. This means that the BB’s touch screen is comparable to that of other Android and iOS devices. Clearly, the competition is going to get even tougher.

The next big difference in between Z10 and the Q10 is that of the battery. After the Z10, BB released a number of updates for improving its battery life. And it has succeeded in improving it by nearly 60 per cent. Now one can only expect an even better battery life in the Q10. Here are a few points why Q10’s battery meter would better than the Z10:

1. With a 2100mAh battery, the Q10 is definitely a notch above Z10’s 1800mAh. The NS1 battery can be expected to last for even more than a day. This also makes it better than any of the previous BlackBerry phones too.

2. The 3.2” display is also a reason for the improved battery life. It uses up lesser battery juice than the corresponding 4.2” display of the Z10. Due to the lack of LEDs, the battery consumption is curtailed quite a bit. Other parameters on the screen are, however, the same.

3. BB has used the Super AMOLED technology in Q10’s display. This technology is far more efficient than the others. Even the Z10 uses an LCD display. The AMOLED is much thinner than an LCD. This is because organic compounds are used to make this screen. It is very different from LCD’s “building pixel” technique. The back lighting in AMOLED is because it glows on its own. In an LCD, LEDs are required. This causes the battery to be drained faster.

4. Even themes can save a lot of energy. They often pre loaded based on the devices. The Q10 would be pre loaded with a dark theme. This would be different than the Z10’s default bright theme, which leads to a fall in the battery life.

5. The high speed LTE connections are going to be talked about the most in the future. However, for now, not many users would be using it. Considering this, people would generally be keeping their LTE connections switched off. This means that greater battery life could be obtained from the phone. Also, by simply texting in the normal mode, one can make the phone battery last longer.

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