Mysterious Partner That Ordered One Million Blackberry 10 Units Rumored to be Brightstar

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Just last week I reported that a mysterious partner had issued a request for one million Blackberry 10 smartphones. The order is the single largest investment ever in the history of the company. It’s not only fantastic news for the company, it’s fantastic new for Blackberry lovers too. Any money that is rolled back into Blackberry’s coffers is money that will contribute to future R&D projects and products. Sure, the Blackberry Z10 is impressive, and the upcoming Q10 is just as sweet, but the platform has a long way to go. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and an order like this helps ensure a future is going to happen.

According to a report from All Things D, that unnamed partner is, in fact, Brightstar; an electronics distributor based in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, the source that revealed the partner’s identity did not provide any additional information about the deal.


Brightstar actually does quite a bit in the mobile industry, but their most obvious venture is to manage supply for various retailers. For example, Verizon Wireless uses Brightstar’s services, which essentially allows them to sell devices on their shelves while outsourcing the inventory management and distribution duties.

According to Mark Gerber, the managing director of Detwiler Fenton, he thinks that this deal means Blackberry 10 sales will be relatively low in the US. He says the deal “suggests Verizon doesn’t believe [BlackBerry 10] will be a strong seller since it normally tries to allocate hot product on its own.”

Market analysts have predicted ‘underwhelming’ sale figures for the Blackberry Z10 launch currently happening in the US. The Z10 is already available through AT&T and Best Buy and will also launch on Verizon’s network soon.

Regardless, even after such a large number of units were purchased by Brightstar, it seems the hounds are still out hunting. Until the day Blackberry falls, there will always be skeptics, and there will always be naysaying market analysts.

Blackberry Z10

I’m sure many will say that I’m blind to the fact that Brightstar is essentially a third party distributor, but does that truly matter? I think the point here, and it’s also why many sites covered news of the deal in the first place, is that someone is confident in the Blackberry 10 platform. In this case, it just turned out to be a third party distributor who plans to manage distribution for some of the bigger names out there.

Quite frankly, I think this just shows how cowardly the leading carriers are. If, for example, Verizon Wireless is hiding behind a company like Brightstar, they don’t have to deal with the risk consequences should the platform fail.

I’ve been using the Blackberry Z10 since I got my hands on it late last week, and to be perfectly honest I have not been able to put it down yet. Many I’ve shown the device to, including dedicated iOS users are considering jumping ship when their latest upgrade is available.

I’ll be the first to admit, the Blackberry 10 platform is far from perfect, but it offers something different, something new. So many people out there are craving such an experience. I think eventually, Blackberry 10 will catch on.

I guess we’ll find out in due time, won’t we.

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