Taking the First Steps with Your Z10

By Thea Neuman (Google)

The seal is broken. The cover is off and the device is on. Congratulations on buying the new BlackBerry Z10! Before you start testing it to the limits, there are a few things you must do. Closely follow the points given below and your Z10 experience will only get better:

Charge your battery
You do not have to charge it for hours at length. Charge it according to your needs and starting using it! In the future too, keep charging it at regular intervals. Do not let the battery get drained out completely. Keep a spare battery with yourself, if you can. Keep swapping the two batteries for better performance. But whatever you do, the battery will die out one day!

Set up your account
With BlackBerry, email is the most important feature. Corporate would straightaway want to get the email synchronization done. The system has inbuilt hooks for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can also do custom settings for your email. But before you do all this, you will have to setup your BB ID.

Lock it!
A lock code can add extra security to your phone. It is like the first line of defense. In case you lose your phone, you can also track it down using GPS. So you would always know where your phone is. But remember; always keep a password for your phone. It is simple to put a code but difficult to break it. You will never be tensed about losing your phone after that!

Install BlackBerry Link
Installing desktop software is very necessary for the Z10. It lets you back up and sync your device. You can install the latest OS updates, manage storage etc.

Load your music
With the BlackBerry Z10, music experience goes up one notch. The machine can handle streaming music from the cloud too. The universal search feature makes it extremely easy to find the track you want to listen.

Practice typing
Every new keyboard takes some time to get used to. The new gestures in the Z10 will need some time to get hold of. The new keyboard software predicts text based on your usage. So keep sending test emails and adding new words to your dictionary. If you owned a PlayBook previously, you might be used to the gestures though.

Start searching apps
The apps section in the new OS is totally upgraded. With a number of new apps on offer, it is at par with the market. The games section is especially great! You will also find many more productive apps once you start exploring more!

Personalize your phone!
Wallpapers and ringtones will make the Z10 ‘your’ phone. The functions are very easy to perform. With a brilliant display screen, HD wallpapers can add amazing effects.

If you are used to an Android device, you might find the BlackBerry World a bit limiting. But sideloading can improve your experience even more. It is not very complicated to understand. Just be sure you have downloaded the correct software. Get into the development mode and you will be good to go!

Be protected
Never forget to buy a good quality screen guard or cover. Spruce up the back with customizable looks. After all, what is good inside should deserve to look better on the outside!

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    The seal is broken. The cover is off and the device is on. Congratulations on buying the new BlackBerry Z10! Before you start testing it to the limits
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