BlackBerry’s Heins Targets Samsung’s Security

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With BlackBerry coming out with new features, the market has warmed up a bit. Thorsten Heins, the energetic CEO of BlackBerry, has now targeted Samsung for its security features. Previously, Heins had criticized Apple’s OS for having shown very little changes. However, this time, Heins has targeted Samsung by terming Android as an “insecure” Operating System. He said he thinks that the open OS is full of dangers. Having given the key of Android to so many developers, the risk is increased.

Heins pointed out that Android could easily fall prey to malware and other attacks. The BlackBerry 10 is, however, built to sustain such attacks. This is majorly because it is not really an open OS. This grants the initial level of security to the customer. BlackBerry has always been one of the most secure phones in the market. But it is still trying to improve on its security features. The personal and work data have now been separated. This means your IT admin in the office cannot tamper with your personal data and vice-a-versa.

Recently, there were some talks about BB offering its technology to Android and iOS. We still do not know how much of that is true. Of course, Android and iOS would never attempt to do such a thing. But if this did happen, then BB proved a point – that it was at par (if not better) with both the OSs. The VP of enterprise sales, Samsung, Tim Wagner has replied back in stern words. He said that the company’s security features are better than most of the other devices in the market. At the same time, he highlighted the company’s other achievements in the security area. He said Samsung has invested a lot for securing the company’s devices. Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) is an enterprise level security system designed by the company and their security features have been developed by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Samsung’s SAFE with Knox will be first installed in the Galaxy S4. Thereafter, it will be installed in the other Galaxy devices. The application improves integrity management services in hardware as well as the software. It is because of this application that you can separate your personal and work data in Android. Apps like alarms, calendars etc. can be grouped together. Access to these apps can be easily controlled using Safe with Knox. It is quite similar to the already launched BlackBerry Balance.

However, Samsung has said that its openness is its core strength and not a negative point. Developers can tailor their products according to their needs. They are not limited to a simple framework. They can ideate, innovate and invent. This can also be really helpful for enterprise users. Companies can develop specific apps for their employees.
Blackberry devices have always been known for their security features. It is for this reason that enterprise users have always preferred a BB phone. Samsung, on the other hand, is not trusted a lot when it comes to high level security. It can learn a lot from BB and develop better and enhanced security features.

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