Blackberry 10 On the Rise, Kevin O’Leary Finds it ‘Absolutely Amazing’

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If it’s one thing I will undoubtedly confirm, it’s that Blackberry 10 trumps iOS solely in terms of usability. Apple will always win when it comes to features and functionality because their platform has been around much longer. After all, Blackberry 10 only recently launched, over the past couple of months. Compared to the other platforms that have had years to perfect their formula, Blackberry 10 is truly impressive. Even in its infancy, it can put up a decent fight against Android and iOS.

One particular thing that Blackberry 10 does well over Android, for example, is make excellent use of gestures. Just the option to swipe up from the bottom bezel of the phone is excellent. To be honest, you’ll never truly understand how wondrous this feature is to use, unless you actually try it out.

Kevin O'Leary with Blackberry Z10

Regardless, I’m going to make a prediction here (I know you’re probably rolling your eyes already). If, and only if, Blackberry can get the Z10 and future Blackberry 10 devices into the hands of consumers- they will do extremely well. In fact, I think they have a real opportunity to take some market share away from Apple. Apple’s iOS platform is due for a refresh, they haven’t introduced anything new for years now. I notice a lot of folks are getting antsy, and would like to try something new. That Blackberry Z10 I’ve been trying out, yeah it’s a real winner when I use it out on the town. A lot of people even tell me they’re ready to give up their iPhone for one, when I show it off to them. Does that mean it’s going to happen? No, not necessarily, but it could and Blackberry has a real opportunity here.

Kevin O’Leary from the hit TV shows Lang & O’Leary Exchange and Dragon’s Den has dropped his iPhone for the Blackberry Z10. He was one such iPhone user that came over to the new platform and fell in love.

“..right now, I’m telling you, and I’m not giving you a commercial, this is the best technology on the market today until somebody else surpasses it. I’ve switched. I always have the best.”

O’Leary has been known to attack the Blackberry brand in the past for its poor performance, despite the fact that he has always been an avid dual user of both Blackberry and iPhone.

Blackberry Logo on Z10

O’Leary says that he’s “dumped his iPhone” and picked up the Z10. He also said the Blackberry Z10 is “absolutely amazing.”

I tend to agree with O’Leary, and I hold the same sentiments. The platform is incredibly responsive, and the UI is so easy to navigate and use. The unique gestures, which I talked about earlier, make nearly all tasks easy and painless. Personally, I’ve fallen in love with the swipe to minimize function. By swiping up from the bottom bezel, you can minimize any app to run in the background, and this leaves you free to multitask. Hell, the Blackberry Flow UI that allows you to peek at the Hub and new notifications is remarkable in its own right.

Point being, I genuinely think consumers are going to start coming around to Blackberry 10. As always, like most of my predictions and claims, only time will tell.

Have you tried Blackberry 10 yet? What do you think so far?

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