BlackBerry and Microsoft Trying Hard to Beat iOS and Android

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The third place in mobile operating systems has been more of a co-existent spot. Both BlackBerry and Microsoft are fighting for the third spot consistently. They obviously realize that they cannot catch up with Apple or any of Androids’ devices any time soon. The iPhone is a high end and there are just too many Android devices.

But a third position is still respectable. BB is trying hard with Z10 and its new OS. Microsoft, on the other hand has Windows 8. Frank Shaw from Microsoft recently pointed how, according to IDC, Windows phones have reached a ten per cent market share in many countries. He also pointed out how Windows phones have an edge over BlackBerry and Apple in many markets. However, he failed to mention how Android is far ahead of the Nokia powered OS. Even in areas where Windows is leading, the markets are mainly ruled by Nokia. There exist markets where the customer cannot afford to buy costly and high end phones.

In India, for example, Microsoft has beaten Apple by selling 289,000 handsets powered by Windows Phone 7. But, in the same market, the number of Android handsets sold is 4.2 million! And with many versions of Android, the number could have been even higher. At present, it just seems irrational to think that Android could be slowed down!

But there are still some ways in which Windows and BlackBerry can better their sales. In India, for example, there are not many Google representatives. The two companies can make use of this fact and offer better services. As of now, a better user experience is lacking in the cheap handsets market. Just by improving this, the companies can hope to gain a better foothold.

BlackBerryhas managed to make profits in the 4th quarter and is happy with it. However, it has lost additional three million subscribers. This is, in a row, the second quarter when subscribers have left BB. Meanwhile, the Windows OS is gaining popularity day by day. Telecom analyst Jan Dawson points out that even superb marketing is not working for Windows as it was being predicted. The company has already spent millions of dollars on the marketing of its devices.
There is also news of a separate Windows Phone. The product, which has been under development for a long time, will surely challenge the market.

Microsoft is known for dedicating time and money towards a product, just like BlackBerry. It will probably be the same thing with the new device. Even if the company comes out with a new OS, it will add another strong option in front of the customers. Till then, customers will have to be content with what these two (BB and Windows) have to offer.

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