3 Reasons Why Blackberry is Better Than Android And iOS Powered Phones

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The new BlackBerry Z10 is novel at many levels. What sets it apart from other top-of-the-range smart phones in the industry are three sharp features: Speed, a short and snappy app store and intuitive typing. With these three weapons in the operating system arsenal, BlackBerry takes on the goliaths of the smart phone industry, iOS and Android. It outperforms the two giants on these three factors and could well become the smart phone of choice to many tech savvy consumers. It accomplishes tasks at a faster pace than iOS or Android and makes it easy to search and download apps from the compact app store. Touchscreen text input has also become easier and with instant results:

It comes as a surprise that BlackBerry could outrun both Android and iOS. Opening mails, downloading stuff, launching apps and navigating through the menus is quick and seamless. This is faster than in many other leading brands. As you sweep up and down the screen, zoom in or move sideways, you realize the phone’s working at top gear.

Here, the absence of a Home tab adds more to the phone’s speed. This becomes a handy feature when the user spends some time with the phone and browses away. Without a traditional home screen, the user is at the liberty of customizing the screen better and after some time it becomes more natural. Not having to revert to a home screen also speeds up many tasks with the phone.

Compact App Store
The small size of the BlackBerry smart phone doesn’t at all take away from its performance. In fact, a cluttered store is not at all easy to browse. With 70,000 apps, the BlackBerry Z10 enables users to search, buy and download apps quicker. It makes more sense when users come across newer apps and new developers.

This feature makes it possible for lesser-known sellers and companies compete for user attention. However, popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are always available and are ready to use. In other smart phone app stores, apart from the few paid and unpaid apps, users find it almost impossible to search more. Hence BlackBerry scores brownie points with its crisp store of downloadable apps.

Intuitive Text Input
It is always difficult to write messages or enter other texts on a smart phone touchscreen, at least for new users. However, this issue is tackled real smartly by BlackBerry Z10. Enter intuitive typing. When you type a word, the virtual keyboard predicts the word or letter you might input. If it is correct, all you need to do is swipe the screen. Instantly, the complete word is inserted in the text line. Although it might first seem challenging and certainly needs practice, yet it is one of those smart phone luxuries which always eluded others.

The three cutting-edge features make the new BlackBerry rise above the smart phone twin towers and reach a greater number of audiences. When you think of long term use, speed becomes the deciding factor and apps determine the sale parameters. When you combine the benefit of predictive text input to these, BlackBerry emerges a clear winner over both Android and iOS powered mobile phones and tablets.

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