The Blackberry Z10 – The Giant Slayer

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The BlackBerry Z10 is the latest smart phone to join the market and it is already a talking point among enthusiastic users. Loaded with the all-new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the newest phone from the BlackBerry kilter has its fair share of serious moments. It boasts of features that are hard to find together in any smart phone. The new BlackBerry Z10 sizzles and here’s a partial list of reasons why:

Phone dimensions
Simply put, the latest phone from BlackBerry is huge. Measuring 5.12 inches x 2.58 inches x 0.35 inches, the phone is visibly longer than some of the leading smart phones, like the iPhone 5, for example. It is also wider and more distinct in its looks. This phone is even bigger than BlackBerry’s own earlier phones and mobile devices.

Better Display
The huge dimensions carry into its display properties. The 4.2 inch long display features a strong and sharp resolution (1280 x 768). Paired with a resolution that is miles ahead of the retina display of iPhone 5, this phone is a gadget to reckon with.

Power cameras for power shots
The smart phone features a set of two cameras. The front image capture point is set at 2 mega-pixels. The rear-view camera carries an 8 mega-pixel configuration and enables users to record precious moments with a 1080p High Definition video recording. However, the real smartness lies ingrained in the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Time-shift is an incredible little invention put inside the phone. This feature is a great photo perfecting tool. It captures multiple shots of different individuals in a group both before and after the actual shot is taken. It then enables users to change or replace faces from the actual photograph. This way, a person’s face could be shown from different angles and this goes a long way in creating a perfect shot.

Power processor
The Snapdragon dual core 1.5 GHz processor powers BlackBerry Z10 and this gives it a battery life that outlasts both iOS and Android devices. Users get 10 hours of talk time even while using 3G. When compared to iPhone 5’s 225 stand-by hours, BlackBerry stays on for 305 hours on a single round of battery charging.

Feather light
With all these heavy features, users are amazed to find that the phone weighs only 4.78 ounces. It’s sleek, light and portable.

Compact App store
While the iPhone offers its user apps in excess of 700,000, BlackBerry has limited this count to 70,000. The method behind the apparent madness is that the compact store is more search-friendly and offers apps that make more sense.

Advanced sharing features
Users can find out what their contacts are listening to or what videos they are watching. This becomes the contact’s status update by default, but more private users can certainly turn off this feature.

Brand-new display without redundant Home screen
The BlackBerry Z10 does not feature a traditional home screen. This is a useful feature since users spend many hours away from the home screen anyway and there is no need to revert back to it unnecessarily.

The BlackBerry Z10 is the smart phone to watch out for this season. It looks sharp and is determined to take on the giants in the business.

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    The BlackBerry Z10 is the latest smart phone to join the market and it is already a talking point among enthusiastic users. Loaded with the all-new Bl
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