Rumored 5-Inch Blackberry Phablet

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BlackBerry’s all new OS, BB10, is grabbing eyeballs around the world. Its flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10 reportedly sold a million devices by the end of March. BlackBerry is looking to make this a habit now.

The launch preparations for the Q10 device, set to be released to stores at the end of this month, are in full swing. But marketing the Q10 device is not all that BlackBerry is interested in right now.

Recent rumors seem to suggest that BlackBerry may be working on a hybrid 5-inch phone/tablet, otherwise known as a Phablet.

Analysts and internet bloggers report that BlackBerry is preparing the launch of three new smart phone’s this year. Purportedly, this will include a QWERTY mid-range smart phone; touch smart phone for mid-range and Phablet with a 5-inch screen. The Phablet may look very much like BlackBerry’s flagship device, the Z10.

Rumors regarding a possible 5-inch tablet from BlackBerry that could replace the PlayBook have been around for a while. This is possibly the first solid step in this direction.

Samsung attribute the Phablet concept to Samsung. The Galaxy note was the first step in making a tablet/phone hybrid popular. The wide recognition gained by this concept has some manufacturers like Canadian BlackBerry, thinking. The 5-inch hybrid Phablet is a relatively unexplored market. Just a few weeks down the road, BlackBerry may come out with a new device which is rumored to appear similar in looks to the flagship product Z10.

Executives of BlackBerry seem confident of releasing as many as four devices this year, one of them might even be the new flagship device of BlackBerry. Reports suggest the Phablet has been codenamed the U10 and is slated for a Q4 release.

Further, BlackBerry is carrying out work on its new keyboard device for mid-range consumers. This could well be the R10 device that has been discussed previously. The R10 device is expected to the next generation of Curve phones from BlackBerry based on BB10.

Come May, BlackBerry will be actively doling out devices to suit every market segment. This is in light of recent rumor mills which reported high return rates for the BlackBerry phones. The executives have denied any such thing and categorically stated that the return rates are as normal as can be.

Taking on established market leaders head-on is an uphill task. BlackBerry is doing all it can to stay innovative and ahead of the market.

The new devices will not only bolster the range of the available BlackBerry devices, but also the variety. Consumers need to be a given a variety of options to choose from. Most Smartphone users have moved past the Apple view of a single device. The smart phone users today crave a smart phone that can amaze and entertain them.

BlackBerry is doing all it can to be able to keep its consumer base happy while attracting prospective new customers. The Phablet market has so far been monopolized by Samsung with the exception of some Southeast Asian rip-offs. BlackBerry’s entrance into this market will induce a competitive fervor that may result in the birth of innovative designs.

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    BlackBerry’s all new OS, BB10, is grabbing eyeballs around the world. Its flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10 reportedly sold a million devices by the
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