Blackberry Gets A Design Patent For A Qwerty Slider

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It has been over 3 months since BlackBerry launched its new OS. The flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10 has been pulling steady sales. The to-be-launched Q10 is attracting a varied clientele already. But the dearth of variety is fully present to loyal BlackBerry users. The Z10 is a great device, design-wise and performance-wise. But it’s difficult to get everyone to like each design.

There are some who would brood over the possibility of a switch to the new BB10, provided they are shown variety. BlackBerry is prepping newer devices every day to meet this need. Rumors abound that there is a 5-inch tablet on the way.

Amidst such news is also news of a new design patent awarded to BlackBerry. From hearsay, the Canadian manufacturer is seriously considering a Torch like device for BB10. The new device is rumored to have QWERTY with a slide up screen. Filed way back in December ‘11, BlackBerry finally got its patent approved of this device. The BlackBerry Z10 won over the customers around the globe. This new BB10 successor to Torch is, needless to say, eagerly awaited.

From the spec drawings provided, this looks to be implementing a slick combination of the Z10’s candy bar looks and Q10’s enhanced productivity. This is sure to garner a massive interest from casual and business users alike. BlackBerry live, the planned annual showcase for BlackBerry devices is just round the corner.

Mid-May will see a more sophisticated selection of devices debuting from BlackBerry. Fingers crossed that the BB10 Torch is among them. The all touch aesthetic of the Z10 with a sleeker Q10 keyboard lying underneath is a combo too good to ignore.

BlackBerry’s die-hard supporters in some parts are still awaiting the traditionally designed Q10. The slider portrait QWERTY doesn’t seem too far away from there. The next phase-plan of the BB10 will have to be all about variety. BlackBerry is going up against some formidable opponents in the smart phone market. The Z10 made a noticeable dent on their businesses. The newer devices will need to offer much more variety to combat the current market monopoly of iOS and Android.

The BlackBerry’s enterprise productivity levels have always been unparalleled. But business users have been reported to have some reservations about an all touch smart phone. The Q10 has been just the start. The Torch will be the first in a series of new devices that will attract BlackBerry loyalists and fresh customers alike.

The new range of devices will be aimed at enterprise segment customers who give priority to productivity. BlackBerry’s well known productivity element combined with sleek touch designs, will give the new designs a notable edge over a majority of the competition.

Always the giant killer, BlackBerry looks to usher in a renewed flurry of BlackBerry devices, akin to the times of old when BlackBerry was something of a style mascot. The new devices running the BB 10 OS will have all imaginable tools of productivity at their disposal. Come May, we are in for a treat of innovative devices.

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