Blackberry Readiness Services For Blackberry 10

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BlackBerry has given an official statement confirming their possible partnership with ISEC7 to provide BB 10 customers with BlackBerry Readiness services. ISEC7 will provide various customer services that include migration planning services, change management and remote installation planning, and application development services for BB10.

All these services are intended to help organizations and individuals make the switch to the latest enterprise services from the older versions of BES. BES 10 gives companies the option of integrating iOS and Android systems along with the BlackBerry devices. `

ISEC7 is a world renowned software solutions and business services provider for mobile devices. ISEC7’s global motility services will serve to leverage the enterprise mobility platform of BlackBerry, thereby, offering the customers a chance for a smooth transition.

The ISEC7 services have been designed with the sole purpose of helping organizations of any multitude to make the switch from older enterprise management services to BES10. The services also include end-to-end services for developing or fully porting existing apps to BB10. ISEC7 will employ its unique migration tool B’Nator, designed to autonomously port data from the old BB enterprise server to the BES 10.

BES 10’s design elements allow it to integrate with current BB enterprise server deployments with the purpose of managing a wide range of devices and not simply BlackBerry devices. All devices including Android and iOS tablets and smart phone will combine to form a single web-based unified console.

ISEC7’s executive management is very glad with their future partnership. ISEC7 typically works very closely with all their customers in the pursuit of quality apps that are capable of providing flexibility when required. ISEC7 has a great experience regarding the business apps and this promises to bring great value to the partnership with BlackBerry.

ISEC7 will reportedly work in total confidence with BlackBerry concerning all mobility issues. In addition to their service as a strategic BB 0 partner, ISEC7 will also interact very closely with the technical staff and helping them understand their process. The new BlackBerry platform promises to be the personification of productivity that companies today so dearly desire from mobile devices. The easy transition to BES 10 will surely keep the enterprise customers in good spirits. The previous uncertainties expressed by enterprise customers have now been effectively dealt with.

Unknown to all, ISEC7 has been partnering with BlackBerry since quite some time now, providing world-class enterprise solutions to both government and commercial clients. BlackBerry and ISEC7 have been tirelessly working together for a decade, trying to secure and innovative foundations to their customers while attempting to construct a mobile strategy that is not entirely dependent on e-mail and voice.

ISEC7 is now fully involved in the BlackBerry 10, Global readiness program, which will help the customers to make a smooth and assisted transition to BES 10 from the old enterprise server. This move is reportedly, in accordance with the demands of certain customers who have expressed concerns regarding any such proposed transitions. The BlackBerry experience forums have presented the company with data regarding the customers’ needs. This has effectively led to BlackBerry and ISEC7 joining hands to smoothly bring about the next business revolution.

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