Blackberry Q10 Early Sales Encouraging For The Canadian Giant

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BlackBerry Q10 is raking rave reviews. BlackBerry’s latest smart phone is selling like hotcakes. A popular U.K. based retailer has already named it as the “best selling smart phone ever.” In Canada, the home of BlackBerry, people are being made to wait for as long as two days for the latest BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry is launching Q10 simultaneously in many markets. Here are the reports from three key markets: Canada, the home of BlackBerry, the U.K., where the phone is selling better than expected and the U.S., which is a major market and where the device will not be launched until next month.


BlackBerry was launched in the Greater Toronto on Wednesday. BlackBerry plans to expand it to the rest of the country before the end of this week. A strong demand is being reported in Toronto.

According to chief operating officer at BlackBerry, Kristian Tear, the company was making sure there was enough supply to meet such strong demand.

The United Kingdom

A popular retailer in the country is reported to have sold 2,000 BlackBerry Q10 units within first 90 minutes of the phone’s launch there. The sales in the U.K are exceeding the company’s expectations.

A blogger who reportedly witnessed this phenomenon first hand commented that the store employees were bringing BlackBerry Q10 smart phones in baskets, hundreds at a time. According to the blogger, there were no phones left by 3 p.m. He also reported about people trying to secure stock for the next day.

The United States

The phone is garnering mixed reviews in the U.S. BlackBerry has not launched the phone in the States yet. It plans to bring its latest device in this key market sometime during the next month. The phone is expected to get positive response in the U.S. too, especially among the people who loved the previous physical QWERTY keyboards of the BB’s earlier devices.

BlackBerry Q10

Q10 features a new keyboard version which is especially getting popular among business people, and traders and bankers on Bay Street. In fact, businesses and enterprise users are purchasing the new devices in bulk.

Too early to say

Although the phones are selling well in the U.K., much better than the BlackBerry Z10, however, it is too early to say anything. Z10 created a similar uproar when it was released earlier this year. The sales of that touch screen devices are now leveling off, and in some areas falling. The phone failed to make an impact in a major market, the U.S.


BlackBerry Q10 features 16 GB internal memory and 2GB RAM. It has an 8 MP primary camera with LED flash. It has a 3.1-inch screen. The phone runs on BlackBerry 10 OS. This phone provides the beleaguered Canadian company to come back on the smart phone scene. Even though the earlier BlackBerrys were the rage in the mid-2000s, the company has been practically absent in the smart phone market for a couple of years now.

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