Why Should You Get a Blackberry Z10 Today?

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Blackberry Z10 is an all-touch smartphone and first of its kind powered by Blackberry 10. It is a fresh re-engineered device that runs on Blackberry platform that gives you a unique mobile experience. The smarter and faster processor allows the device to constantly adapt to your requirements.

If you are still confused about the possibilities and potential of Blackberry 10 then check out this list of 7 remarkable features that will keep you ahead of the smart phone crowd.

1.    Central hub to keep you in sync
The worries of current generation’s multi-taskers end with the Blackberry Hub. The central hub is the place where you can access all your email, Facebook, BBM or Twitter accounts. The filtering option will take you directly to the message you wish to see saving your precious time.

2.    Intuitive keyboard to keep you ahead
Blackberry is the master of physical QWERTY keyboard and this expertise is very much visible in this touch screen phone. The Blackberry Z10 keyboard is smart and intuitive, understanding the words you use and thus providing useful suggestions.

3.    Amazing camera to capture your moments
The Blackberry Z10’s camera gives you unique experience with a camera that delivers a perfect shot every time. The innovative Time Shift feature allows you to take group photos where everyone looks his best. The device also comes loaded with a Story Maker feature which can help you make an HD movie from your captured photos along with soundtracks and transition effects.

4.    Share your screen with BBM Video
The Blackberry Messenger has topped all the popularity charts and with Blackberry Z10, it takes the video chat experience to a new level. The BBM video chat allows you to share your phone screens to let your loved ones get closer to you.

5.    Upgrade your browsing experience
The Blackberry 10 browser is smarter, faster, and more responsive, and sets the benchmark for smart phones supporting HTML5. You can open multiple tabs, access the reader mode which gives you plain text version of the web page, and allows real-time sharing of your favorite web pages with your BBM or other social networking contacts.

6.    HDMI slot to make life easier
The Blackberry Z10 offers HDMI support which allows you to share your phone screen with your LED or LCD television. The superb photos clicked with your phone look wonderful on high quality TV screen giving a magical effect to your relishing moments.

BlackBerry Z10 7.    Thousands of apps to choose from
Developers all over the world have been saying that Blackberry 10 offers a platform that is much more conducive to app development than other platforms. The Blackberry World has recently passed the 100,000 apps mark. With each passing day, more and more developers are joining Blackberry to offer its user unmatched experience.

The Blackberry Remember is one such app that is ruling the hearts of the users. It keeps you organized on the move. It allows you to flag any content whether a snap, a video, a web page or anything and save it to your Remember box. If you are in a hurry, then instead of typing a description, you can record a message to make things more convenient.

These 7 features will keep you steps ahead of other smart phones. Get your very own Blackberry Z10 now! It’s time to stand out of the crowd!

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