Dead Space, Now on BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry 10 has a huge app-rich app world. Despite facing some unwanted criticism about not having too many popular apps on board, EA is looking to correct this false notion. So many popular EA titles have already been brought into the BlackBerry platform. The latest entrant to the EA BlackBerry club is Dead Space. Probably one of the creepiest and darker titles from EA. This game has you battling hordes upon hordes of necromorphs. Dead Space offers you six different graphically stimulating environments and choices of various game play modes. Dead Space is just as intense you always wanted.

Dead Space is the best game to enjoy some good one-on-one action. The three story modes take you into different situations depending upon your taste. Survival mode gets you a five minute unstoppable onslaught of action. Story mode keeps you playing with a thrilling story in the background. Insane killing madness is on your BlackBerry.

•    Completely authentic DS story for BB 10: Lose yourself in the maze events to unleash the necromorphs. Lauded by both critics and fans alike, this is a stunning render of the thrilling Dead Space franchise. This game is a must-have in your collection.

•    Survival mode: Survival mode offers to you a chance for total swish-swash action and a lot of severed necromorph parts. You need to shoot and hack your way through 4 different maps in two separate modes. Stockpile yourself with ammo weapons and suits from the story mode and go shooting. This is truly the nastiest necromorph rush offered, yet. Build various combos and earn yourself extra credits.

•    A super-charged and surreal experience: Headphones are a definite must for this game. The game features a movie-quality sound score and effects plus a stereo quality soundtrack. Full immersion can only be possible by the use of headphones. Cutting edge visuals, atmospheric lighting and rich effects bring a full-fledged cinematic horror experience onto a gaming console.

•    Intuitive controls to keep you focused on the in-game action:
The game Heads up Display is integrated fully into the game. Play through a variety of environments and put paid to the necromorphs with tapping and swiping action.

•    Classic modules and 2 brand new exclusive weapons: The Dead Space universe presents to you the new plasma core extractor complete with the saw. Begin with the strategic and the systematic dismemberment of the enemy. Use the Stasis module and Kinesis, well known among players currently playing this on console.

•    Instantly equip yourself: Boost your power by buying additional weapons, upgrades and additional power nodes. Enhance your defense and offense capabilities with suitable weapon ad armor modes. Also a credit booster can be handy inn salvaging as many credits as possible from dead necromorphs.

If thrill is the name of the game you wish to play, then Dead Space has the best shot at delivering you exactly that. The Dead Space game will cost you $2.99 in the BlackBerry world. Dead Space plays only on OS 10.0.0 or higher versions. Currently available in Canada, Japan and the US. Turn your Z10 into a necromorph hacking console.

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