US Department of Defense clears BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry has always provided the best in data security and encryption to its customers. The BlackBerry devices have always been synonymous with great protection. Now the new generation BlackBerry, has raised the bar just a little bit more. The US DoD, Department of Defense has just cleared the new Playbook and smart phone devices running the latest BlackBerry 10 OS. The BlackBerry mobility management platform and the highly secure BlackBerry enterprise service 10 will now be used on the DoD networks. Commercial technology put to use for defense purposes. That’s a sleek combo.

After undergoing extensive security tests at the DoD labs, the BlackBerry 10 OS and the devices and services for this platform, have been approved for defense uses. The devices on the BlackBerry platform are now listed under DISA, which routinely manages the information infrastructure for defense departments. Way back in November, BlackBerry, known then as RIM,  had announced that its new BlackBerry 10 would be certified as FIPS 140-2. The FIPS certification is what enables government agencies to safely use the BB 10 OS and the associated BlackBerry Enterprise server.

The Q4 of the fiscal year ended in march and BlackBerry reportedly shipped out one million of the BlackBerry Z 10 Smartphones. The BlackBerry Z10 device is the first offering that runs on the BB 10 OS. BlackBerry proudly announced a whopping six million phones shipped in the entire last quarter. With the news of the DoD approval, there can be no doubt that people will be clamoring to get a piece of the new BlackBerry 10 platform. The BlackBerry Z10 has been scrutinized in almost every possible way. And as always the 10 OS has inherited the high standard for security from their predecessors.

The DoD approval extends to the tablet as well as the Smartphone’s running BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry currently has two devices that run their brand new OS, the flagship Z10 and the new Q10. The security clearance of these phones will astronomically increase the sales and revenues of BlackBerry. Not only will they be receiving huge orders from the general public for the obvious appeal of high security. BlackBerry has undoubtedly based a majority of their market strategy around these devices and this clearance from DoD is just the right boost they need at this time.

US Department of Defense clears BlackBerry 10 It is also interesting to note that a Samsung device known as ‘Knox’ has also been cleared for use. This is the latest in Android based platforms and obviously a lot more secure and protected than the general Android available for regular use. The ‘Knox’ truly looks to set a benchmark in open source development with enhanced levels of security. This surely makes it a very formidable device. Needless to say the ‘Knox’ is the prime challenger to the BlackBerry devices. No doubt with the shower of new devices rumored to be launched in the coming year, BlackBerry will be a long way ahead of Samsung. BlackBerry has vaulted some very difficult hurdles to get where it is today, the ‘Knox’ hurdle shouldn’t prove to be much of a challenge.

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