Get Smart Photographs With The BlackBerry 10 Smart Camera

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The BlackBerry 10 has come to turn the tables on the smartphone giants and this is pretty much visible through the formidable features. The latest in the BlackBerry arsenal is its new camera, which is unlike anything that Blackberry has released before. Among the many fabulous features of this new camera, there is the multi-mode shooting edge. There is simply no end to the types of photos you can click when you combine the different modes and the Time Warp advantage.

If you’re wondering what all you can do with the BlackBerry 10 camera, read on the six tips listed below to find out:

1. Create an image focus by manipulating the Focus Box:
Whenever you’re ready to snap, the screen will show a Focus Box at the center. If you want to highlight an object in the image and create a focal point in the image, just drag the Focus Box on the target image. When you have the picture taken, the target object will be in the sharpest focus point in the image.

2. Click images in multiple modes and add Scene Mood to the same image:
There are various modes for the photographer in you. You can use the Normal mode for one image, the Stabilization mode for another, a Burst mode for the third or club all three together. For instance, if you’re clicking your friends diving into the pool, you can use the Burst mode along with the Stabilization and the Normal modes for a perfect shot.
You can also add Scene Modes like Action, Snow, Night or Beach to your images. The Multi-mode and Scene Modes appear as icons on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Customize them and get clicking.

3. Geotag your images for a neat memory:
You can add Geotags to the photos you take on the Blackberry 10 camera. Simply slide your finger from the screen top to get a drop down menu. Select ‘Settings’ and activate the Geotag Picture tab. When you look back, you can easily see the location of each image.

4. Picture review:
Sometimes you would want to check if the last shot was captured well. A thumbnail of your last picture appears on the bottom left hand corner. Hold the thumbnail and swipe it right and left. This enlarges it and you get to check the picture quality. When you release the thumbnail, it shrinks back.

5. Share your photos on the TV, Computer and Home entertainment devices through Media Sharing:
The photo gets bigger with the Media Sharing feature. Using this, you can share your photos on your TV or home entertainment systems. All you need to check for is a DLNA compatibility of the device. If your home device supports DLNA files, you can share the photos on them with your smartphone.

6. Save your pictures on your storage devices using Blackberry image links
The BlackBerry Link allows you to synchronize your smartphone with other storage devices. You can save, share, access and manage your audios, videos, images, music and all other files through this link. BlackBerry Link allows you to copy your photos to your desktop for later use. Right now you are busy capturing the next perfect picture.

All these features lend a competitive edge to the BlackBerry 10 and makes it all the more difficult to beat.  Photography on a smart has never been this smart.

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