Financial Management From Toshl On Blackberry 10

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Fiscal management is a necessity for almost everyone. However, not everyone wants to be bogged down by having to do their own budgeting. Frankly, sitting around balancing your expenses and income is not anybody’s idea of a preferred activity. Now when there is an app that promises to do all this for you in a much simplified process it’s quite hard to ignore it. Presenting Toshl’s financial management app.  Of course, as expected, there are always strings attached. The app is not native BlackBerry, it’s an Android port.

Now downloading an Android port is not something preferred by legacy BlackBerry users. For reasons unknown, not many BlackBerry users prefer to encourage apps ported from other platforms.

Toshl is a familiar name for BlackBerry loyal’s. Toshl had great apps for legacy BlackBerry Smartphone devices. Toshl has been uncharacteristically reluctant to take the leap into BlackBerry 10. The legacy app also halted any further development since august 2012. Never a good thing when developers just desert their apps without any development. Probably why Toshl have decided to give it another shot.

The BlackBerry app world saw the launch of a brand new Toshl app for BlackBerry 10 recently. There have been several possible reasons behind this sudden change of mind. The easy porting of the app from Android is a prime contributing factor. The port enables Toshl to provide support for another platform without the added burden of overhead. This can also be construed as a response to many of the BlackBerry fans who wanted a Toshl app for the new BlackBerry. Some fans even took the trouble of creating Android ports themselves, as soon as it was out.

The app was smoothly running despite being a port. But Toshl executives expressed a desire to see BlackBerry updating their emulator middleware that can suit a recent version of Android. End users may enjoy proper and smooth usage of the apps and the middleware may also prompt increased support for the greatest and latest apps. Another wrinkle that needs to be ironed out is that of the porting.

There are quite a number of users who do not feel comfortable using ported apps. These apps find fewer takers despite doing and providing almost everything a native app can. And some users even accept that however useful the app, they cannot bring themselves to use a ported app. They want a fully native BB app.

Toshl is reluctant, however, as with their limited resources they wish to play a waiting game with the native app development. They are still trying to figure out how best to use their resources. But the main idea certainly has been to weigh in the response for the ported app.

If the ported app really seems to find favor with users, then it just might be worth their time and effort to focus on the development of a native app.

This is almost heading towards a stalemate because of user reluctance to encourage ported apps. Rejecting interesting and fascinating apps based solely on the fact that they are Android ports is not helping make the right case for the BlackBerry platform.

The users need to download Toshl financial management, give it a whirl, and make it known that the BlackBerry platform is indeed worth all the time and effort in the world.

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