Win The IS Gold Cup In The International Snooker HD Game On Blackberry 10

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The International Snooker HD for BlackBerry 10 is one amazing snooker game with advanced gaming features. It brings to life the precision and excitement of a real snooker match. The most popular features of the game are listed below:

1. Dual play modes: You can play single or team up with a partner. Both play modes use the same controls, features and difficulty levels.

2. Snooker championship: There are 8 Snooker rounds that are part of the International Snooker Championship. You play against the best Snooker players of the world. The winner gains a place on the pedestal and grabs the IS Gold Cup at the completion of the game.

3. Superior game simulation: One of the best aspects of this digital game for Blackberry 10 is the simulation used in the game. Every movement of the real Snooker ball is imitated. Going by game sciences, International Snooker HD captures even the faintest side, back and top spins. On the left of the game display, four arrows help you decide the spin you wish to apply. You can power your shots, soft or hard, with the help of the power control button on the right.

4. Object and cue ball guide path: Another remarkable aspect is the availability of the ball guidelines. Every shot you can take can be analyzed beforehand with the help of ball path projections. Which path should your Cue ball take? Where do you want to place the object? These and such other issues are resolved through the guideline displays. This is a major improvement over its rival versions.

5. Progressive levels of difficulty: The game gets tougher as you advance through all the eight rounds of the championship.  Dabble with the difficulty settings and you get each game which is different than the other.

6. Camera features: The game camera is fun and useful. It is intuitive, wide and makes for a smooth viewing angle. You can also alter the display angles and move all over the screen.

7. Accurate game screen: Game controls are displayed on the game screen. It is accurate and quick. Touch, swipe and tap features give exact results.

8. Auto-save mode: International Snooker HD has an in-built auto-save mode. This enables the game to begin saving each round you play from the very first shot to the last. This means that you can have an unmatched game continuity and maintain your leads.

9. Game stat display: The game display screen records your game wins, Championship trophy count, loses and highest scores.

10. Graphics and sound: The game is played out in neat, attractive graphics and the background sounds are as realistic as it gets.

11. Game guide: The game is available with complete game guide, rules and solutions. Instructions are fully explained so that the new gamer can have smooth access to the levels.

12. Price: The International Snooker HD for BlackBerry 10 is available at $2.99/£2.

The pleasure of winning the snooker championship is doubled when it is played out in the giant BlackBerry10 display.

The game is a good source of entertainment whether you are a Snooker enthusiast or not. It is also suitable for players of all ages.

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