Being The Owner of A Blackberry Device

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The new BlackBerry devices have been selling like hot cakes. Enterprise users in particular are queuing up to get a piece of the BB action. The BlackBerry World is looking more efficiently equipped than before. Lots of big apps are now available for download in the BlackBerry app store. The ones that are being missed heavily, however, are Netflix, Skype and Instagram. Lots of people have stressed about it countless times.

The previous week saw the release of an “unofficial” bar file version of Instagram. Users may have to make do with this for the time being. Netflix has gone on the record stating that it’s delay in bringing out the BB version of its popular photo sharing app is due to their perception that they don’t see BlackBerry users as entertainment centered.

The backlash from the BB user community was instantaneous. Some have even gone so far as to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. BlackBerry users sure mean business. However, there is some precedence for this sort of misconception. Until recently BlackBerry was a symbol of a business like purpose.

The BlackBerry handsets could only find use in the hands of an enterprise client. It wasn’t until quite recently that the BBM brought the BlackBerry devices closer to every user. The new generation of users and the latest devices have created the necessity for bringing more apps focused on entertainment for the users.

Considering how the clientele is a more youthful one than before. BlackBerry also has the proper accessory base to appease their consumers. Enterprise users are more likely to use their devices with care. The younger generation is prone to a certain amount of rough usage.

The BlackBerry can take some amount of rough handling but it is still a delicate little thing. Enter the doubly protected cases from Incipio. The Incipio dual pro case was a delightful addition to the Q10 device. It provides a double layer of protection while not adding much bulk to the device. Now you don’t need to worry about those awful scratches ruining your BlackBerry’s sleek finish, nor do you need to be worried about any extra weight added onto you.

Those people who have the habit of dropping their phones often can have some peace of mind as the Dualpro, for some reason manages to always land on its corners. The BlackBerry is a delightful possession. While we like you to accessorize it for protection, it’s still a better idea to be a little cautious as to how you use it. Using the BlackBerry device that is more in touch with the times is finally satisfied. All the earl-adopter peeves have now almost vaporized. I am anxiously looking forward to the latest update to the BlackBerry OS.

Certain sites proclaim to have seen a leaked copy of the OS update, the OS It is preferable however, to patiently wait for the official version. But for those people who don’t mind experimenting every now and then, well its out there.

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    The new BlackBerry devices have been selling like hot cakes. Enterprise users in particular are queuing up to get a piece of the BB action. The BlackB
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